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He has a particular turn of phrase that is quite delightful to read and some of his tongue in cheek is incredibly witty. I always enjoy reading his posts! Kind and understanding Concise posts - BadInfluence
Whilst I have not RPed for long with this writer, he clearly sweeps the floor with their witty, well portrayed characters.

It has brought a breath of fresh air to the ongoing group RPs, each unique well thought out character plays their part well whilst mixing into the ongoing plots . Polite writer who asked to join the group RPs before stepping in yet I am glad he joined. Looking forward to more Nidar and Blaise stories - Tusitala2017

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    Just wanna point out this person is a good Samaritan. I accidentally paid for a gift and sent it to them, they sent it right back. they're pretty darned cool Kind and understanding Helpful
    (About 2 weeks 3 days ago)