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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: March 28

Hi. I would just like to say that it would be a pleasure to meet some of you and if you want to RP with me, that's fine. I like doing RP's on things that I know and have seen and can understand. I like a lot of things and I absolutely love anime and I also love watching Tik Tok cosplay videos on youtube. I would love to meet some new people. Let me know if you're interested in RP ing with me, it would truly make my day. I also am writing an anime one shot on archives of our own, just look up Vixen_Reindeer. That is my username and you will find my 'beautiful' work of art.

Rave Reviews

  • She is one of the best roleplayers I ever had the pleasure of doing an roleplay with. She is very adaptable to a situation you can throw at her.she is also helpfull if you don't understand a situation she gives you. 11/10 would definitely recommend
    -- Godzillarman
  • Our RP is my longest one so far and by far the best! This user is easy to roleplay with and can tailor their characters to benefit with your's She also complies if you give her a specific set of instruction. 10/10, would Rp again
    -- MangoNekros

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