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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 33
  • Birthday: November 27

Update (01/12/19): Life ate the dickens out of me. Apologies to those whom I had RP's with and whom I vanished on for a few months.


I’m a huge roleplay fan and am very eager to meet new people and try out new concepts! Let’s see, real world stuff! First and foremost I should warn you that I am not able to post every single day. A couple times a week? No sweat! Usually. I work in law enforcement, a job with wildly fluctuating hours/activity levels, and that which pays for the roof over my head will take priority over exercises of the imagination. It is what it is I'm afraid. If you're also an LEO/Corrections/Fire Guy, hit me up! Just no defense lawyers ;) (kidding!).

Meyers-Briggs I’m an INFP apparently?

I’m very interested in Star Wars, Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Chronicles of Darkness, World of Darkness, Aberrant, Pathfinder, Ravenloft, Rolemaster, d20 Modern, Dresden Files, Marvel/DC, D&D… you name it, I’m probably willing to give it a shot. I like having stats on hand too, especially if my character is based off a specific setting, but don’t let that dissuade you if you’re a free form fan! I’m easy to intermix and intermingle. I’m also a massive Elder Scrolls nerd and if you are too then I will be very pleased to make your acquaintance. I've been reading The Expanse series a lot as well lately.

I typically play OC’s but I’ve also delved into Canon characters. I have no qualms about playing with either! I'm a massively visual person though and character profiles with no pictures at all tend to be turn offs to me. Even if it's something you cobbled together in Paint, you don't have to be Da Vinci. Give me a rough idea is all. Your character profile also needs to have some meat on it. You don't need to write a novella but I'm not interested in 'drop profiles', where it looks like you made it five minutes ago and will likely delete it just as quickly. I'm... leery of anonymous characters as well. It's not a deal breaker but anon profiles seem to have a bad tendency to delete without a word, sometimes months into an RP. I can handle it if the RP doesn't interest you anymore but don't just delete and run on me. It's rude.

I don't mind playing out violence, intimacy, or language so long as that's not the entire thing the RP is about. I'll probably even have a few characters that'd do Tarantino proud. I draw the line at gratuitous versus characterization or furthering the plot. Admittedly, it's a nebulous line and my standards might deviate from others. When in doubt I'll always ask :). For any intimate encounters in an RP to be non-fade to black, both the writer and character must be 18 or older. I live in the USA and it's a legal thing. Please be honest about such matters. If you have an anonymous character, I will ask for private verification of your age before commencing any type of IC sexual content. You don't have to provide it, but if you don't, it doesn't get any more graphic than a prime time WB show. I have an f-list for those curious for more details; the link can be found on my appropriately tagged characters.

I only RP on this site, preferably via PM or private forum. I favor 1x1 but will also consider group RP too. I'm not interested in making an account on another site, RPing through email, or any other medium except RPR here. I might consider a google docs RP if I know you well. IC is not OOC; if one of my characters attacks or seduces yours, it is not a representation of any kind of real life desire to attack or sleep with you. Most people here are awesome and understand that, but I'm putting it here for the few who may not. If you get creepy on me, you'll get the banhammer. I've had problems with this before and do not want to again. Weirdos, ye've been warned.

So that’s me in a nutshell!

I don't bite unless you want me to ;). Feel free to PM me for RP, questions, or just to say hi. I also don't mind random friend requests for the socially shy. Thanks for reading!

Rave Reviews

  • When I first started up my rp with DarkonDreams I was looking for some long detailed replies with a very strong plot and lots of character development. Over the course of our rp DarkonDreams has delivered on that time and time again.
    It was amazing how easily it was...
    -- ladywarth231992
  • A spectacular writer whose descriptions and narrative are always full of colour and life! Her ideas draw me into that undiscovered country and inspire me to go where no one has gone before!

    Really, you've been a great RP partner, as many have already said. Thank you...
    -- Mythic

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