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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: October 30

-A mask is not effective against others who bear them.

Words of a foolish man, that foolish man is me.

My response will be a little slow I use my tablet 95% of the time.

The names Dash, I also go by Aj but Dash is fine. I am a bit of an odd case. Part memelord, part gamer, part psychiatrist(not really, my friends vent to me a lot) and 100% procrastinator.I have my own issues, as I'm not sure if I'm completely sane or not, only way to find out is to talk to me :) . I am generally open minded do I'm up for new ideas, and I also am alright at coming up with plots.

I usually do Action/Adventure roleplay, as that is what most of my characters are centered around, but Romance is cool too. Like I said I'm open minded so don't mind tossing me an idea in my Dms. Doesn't hurt to ask does it? My favorite character is Katsuki and I will probably use him in most of my Rps.

Thats all for now more to be added


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Waifu/Husband?!?!?!The world may never know.
Really Friendly, and Nice Kool Persun[./url]
Deleted one of my fav characters...Still mad

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  • Now it’s time to give Dashie some love from his motherly friend!

    LET’S GET SAPPY! -sorta-

    Okay, so Dash is a unique person. And yes, he can take a while to be able to reply, but life can suck a lot. Dash is someone who I don’t regret talking with one bit, and...
    -- Raewaffle

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