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Hello! I am Dasher! Or just call me Dash, I am a female and I go by either she/her or they/them pronouns! I love to rp fantasy, if your interested, you may ask me to Rp and such! I am also an autistic person, and usually do have some issues when it comes to some certain habits of mine. Like roleplaying lol. I am an very nice person to met and would love to meet you! I usually am sorta slow when it comes to Roleplaying though, so you might have to wait before I could reply. I am also a Scorpio, as well as I am Biromantic! I hope to become an author in the future too.

Female, she/her, they them, - Biromantic Asexual - Hoping to become an Author - Taken by my gf - Scorpio - Dark Angel

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Dash (played by DashersSmashers)
character is described really well - Anonymous

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