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Go ahead and ask if you want me to rp with you. There's a pretty good chance I'll say yes.

Johnathon was originally only used for in the bridge group. Now he is used for rps that people don't want to be apart of Joseph's timeline, or rps that Joseph didn't fit into.

Due to frequent request my birth year is 1999.

Want me to send you a Kudos? Just ask, and I'll do my best.

Slogan: School doesn't work, it needs to be replaced.

I have a bad habit of assuming I've annoyed people, and it usually ends up with me dropping communication and hoping they'll be the ones to continue it.

Rave Reviews

I haven't known him for long, but I can already see how flexible the guy is. I look forward to getting to know Dathmach more as a role player, and I believe role play with him will be good. Thank you for being such a good person! - Winters_Fury
He's the one and only...


He's a cool guy, fun to roleplay with, and he's super kind. I've never done a time travel/Legend of Zelda roleplay and I've never been so honored to roleplay with someone before.

PM him for a rp and you'll never regret it! - TheCookiesAreGolden

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