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Before you read my character bios, please note they're all WIPs! Some just need a little layout tweaking, but most of them barely scratch the surface of that character's whole deal. Patience, please and thank you <3

Welcome traveler! Don't be afraid; I'm just your friendly neighborhood noodle. Please, come and rest by the fire. Stay awhile and let me tell you about myself.

I love painting, drawing, art and music. You may call me a furry, a dragon/fantasy fanatic, your Dazzling Highness, etc. etc.

But most importantly, call me Jo, Jolene, Dazz, or Dazzle. I answer to these names and any variety thereof.

Obligatory Roleplay Preferences, Rules, and Miscellaneous Information

My Playstyle and Preferences
  • I'm usually a multiple paragraph writer (2 to 5 3+ sentence paragraphs), but I write whatever length I think suits the scene in that moment. Sometimes this means a page of content, but sometimes this means only a couple of lines. Quality over quantity!
  • I prefer writing with other multi-para. roleplayers with similarly flexible post-lengths.
  • My favorite genre is high swords n' sorcery fantasy and I pursue roleplays with a clear, overarching plot, big or small, short or long. I will also consider the following other genres:
    • Science fantasy/fiction
      • I'm not ready for Hard Sci-fi., sorry.
    • Low fantasy
    • Modern/urban fantasy
    • Historical fiction
      • Preferably with low fantasy elements, like making the region's mythology or folklore real in some capacity.
    • Horror
    • Modern action or thriller
    • Kidnapping plots???? Maybe????
  • I love dark plots in moderation. I never really go for those grimdark, everything-is-bad-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it stories, but I like serious tones balanced by comedic relief and spots of hope. Call my favorite mood "nobledark," where the situation sucks in one way or another but there lies the possibility, however bleak, of change for the better.
  • I love building character relationships and seeing how different personalities play off each other in different situations. As such, I'm not adverse to a natural romantic plot, but I'm usually not looking to write a romance story. If I do romance, it has to be good. A believable, healthy relationship where the characters have lives outside their partners and do more with one-another than doting and excessive PDA. If we can't manage that, I'd have to respectfully decline.
  • I am not into roleplaying smut, erotica, or whatever you like to call it. Please don't ask me to.

Do's and Don'ts
  • Do read this entire list! It's important, thanks!
  • Don't ask me to roleplay sex. I will say no.
  • Do plan plot points, starters, and settings with me! I like to come to a clear agreement of the direction we want to go before we begin. I've had issues in the past with my and and I'd like to avoid that issue by laying out some clear foundation for our plot before we start any IC interactions, especially if we've never roleplayed together before.
  • Don't make me carry the plot on my own or try to keep it all to yourself. Roleplaying is a collaborative hobby that requires everyone involved to pull some of the weight. We both need contribute to the plot to write a story we both love.
  • Do understand that I'm not a fast writer. Normally, I can make a one to a few posts a day, and when I'm busy, say, in the thick of my college semester, I can only write once or twice every few days. If I get real caught up in something and won't be able to post for awhile, I'll try to let you know. If I disappear suddenly and without warning, you're welcome to send me a short message asking what's up and I'll tell you. I don't mean to ghost you- I've probably just gotten caught up in life and forgot to reply.
  • Don't invite me to roleplay strictly canon characters in fandom RPs. I'm happy to set a story in some popular media location and run canon characters as NPCs, but I'd rather stick to playing my own OCs as much as possible.
  • Do talk to me OOC, and not just about the roleplay. OOC banter is very important to me! We don't have to be best friends or talk to each other every day- I really don't like it when people get clingy -but never hesitate to reach out to me if you just want to talk. I'll be deeply appreciative if you feel the same way <3
  • Lastly, don't try to pull any of the obviously obnoxious, annoying, and exhausting bull that is powerplay, godmodding, petty OOC conflict, or anything of that sort. I'm a patient person, and I might let it slide with a polite warning at the first or second offense, but I will not tolerate repeated rude and disrespectful behavior.

I'm currently involved in 3 1x1s and 2 groups.

I am GMing 1 of the group roleplays.

Am I available to new RPs? Not at the moment, sorry!

Rave Reviews

Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)
100/10. Would pet again.
Anyways, this cat is just... cool cat. A talking cat
that makes jokes. I love it. - WhatsInTheCube
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)
Raven is a very cool character!Everybody should rp with Raven cause it’s an amazing character you will like. - Cookiesareyummie

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