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Hi, I draw.

I love dragons.

Traumatized/traumatizing shapeshifters is turning into a personal writing trope.

And I'm pretty friendly. Just a bit unreliable, but trying really hard not to be.

My favorite part about character design is developing relationships, So that's what I try to pay a lot of attention to in roleplays. I'm also a little mean to my characters; what good is a story without a smidge of drama?

More roleplay stuff you should know about me:

I am slow: I like to think carefully about my replies and I'm kind of a slow thinker. I'm actually a slow everything: slow walker, slow worker, slow writer, etc. Please have a little bit of patience with me. If a few days go by and I don't talk, message me with a polite reminder to get my crap together. It's okay; I won't get mad.

I type long-form: Long-form, semi or adv. lit, novel-style, whatever you call it. I like to write. Detail and length vary; I try to match the person I'm playing with, but I love my complete sentences, punctuation, and capital letters. Although I might have high writing standards for myself, I will not have the same standards for you. As long as I understand what you want to convey, we're golden.

I always enjoy: Fantasy, adventure, and horror. I love exploring both unique worlds and fictional but believable relationships. I LOVE a fun story and a solid, detailed character.

I sometimes enjoy: Gore and romance; I know those are odd things to put together. Gore is fun but it's the kind of thing I have to be in the right mood for. As for romance, we can probably try, but sometimes the pair will lack chemistry and there's nothing I hate more than a forced relationship.

I will never enjoy: Sex; if it's romance and it feels inevitable, we can always fade to black. Sex just isn't really my thing. I don't see myself having it in real life any time soon and I'm not interested in roleplaying it either. So if you’re looking for someone to write some steamy lemon smut with, you’re looking at the wrong person.

I'm currently involved in 2 1x1s and 1 group roleplay.

My availability to new games? Tentatively open to short and long-term 1x1s. I'm more open to people I already know but will accept invites from strangers if they strike me as interesting.

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Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)
100/10. Would pet again.
Anyways, this cat is just... cool cat. A talking cat
that makes jokes. I love it. - WhatsInTheCube
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)
Raven is a very cool character!Everybody should rp with Raven cause it’s an amazing character you will like. - Cookiesareyummie

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