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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 10

Hi, I draw.

I love dragons.

Traumatized/traumatizing shapeshifters are kind of my thing.

And I'm pretty friendly. Just a tad bit unreliable, but trying really hard not to be.

My favorite part about character design is developing relationships, So that's what I try to pay a lot of attention to in roleplays. I enjoy that and...tormenting the life out my characters.

More roleplay stuff you should know about me:

I am slow: I like to think carefully about my replies and I'm kind of a slow thinker. I'm actually a slow everything: slow walker, slow worker, slow writer, etc. Please have a little bit of patience with me. If a few days go by and I don't talk, please message me with a polite reminder to get my crap together. I also have a wretched memory.

I type long-form: Long-form, semi or adv. lit, novel-style, whatever you call it. I like to write. Detail and length vary; I try to match the person I'm playing with, but I love my complete sentences, punctuation, and capital letters. Although I might have high standards for myself, I will not have the same standards for you. As long as I understand what you want to convey, we're golden.

I always enjoy: Fantasy, adventure, and bloody horror. I love exploring; both unique worlds and fictional, but believable relationships. Finally, I LOVE a fun story and a solid, detailed character.

I sometimes enjoy: Gore and romance; I know those are odd things to put together. Gore is fun and I'll usually be fine with it, but sometimes I do get squeamish. As for romance, we can probably try, but sometimes the pair will lack chemistry and I'd rather not write a relationship that feels forced.

I will never: Sex; if it's romance and sex feels inevitable, we can always fade to black. Sex just isn't my thing. I don't see myself having it in real life any time soon and I'm not interested in roleplaying it either.

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