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Welcome traveler! Don't be afraid; I'm just your friendly neighborhood noodle. Please, come and rest by the fire. Stay awhile and let me tell you about myself.

I love painting, drawing, art and music. You may call me a furry, a dragon/fantasy fanatic, your Dazzling Highness, etc. etc.

But most importantly, call me Jo, Jolene, Dazz, or Dazzle. I answer to these names and any variety thereof.

Obligatory Roleplay Preferences, Rules, and Miscellaneous Information

My Playstyle and Preferences
  • I am most often a multiple paragraph writer, but sometimes less is more.
  • I do prefer writing with other multi-para. roleplayers with similarly flexible post-lengths, but I'm not going to shun players who lean more toward short replies. Length isn't everything.
  • I am most fond of fantasy roleplays with a clear plot, big or small, short or long. I'm open to other genres on occasion.
  • I love dark plots in moderation. I never go for those grimdark, everything-is-bad-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-'bout-it sort of stories, but I like serious tones balanced by comedic relief and spots of hope. Call my favorite mood "nobledark," where the situation sucks in one way or another but there lies the possibility, however bleak, of change for the better.
  • I love building character relationships and seeing how different personalities play off each other in different situations. As such, I'm not adverse to romantic plots, per say, but only if I think it'd make sense. I honestly prefer unbreakable bonds of friendship, familial love, and a variety of "bitter enemy" dynamics.
  • I am not into roleplaying smut, erotica, or whatever you like to call it. Please don't ask me to.

Do's and Don'ts
  • Do read this entire list! It's important, thanks!
  • As I said, don't ask me to roleplay sex. I probably literally wouldn't be able to write a convincing sex scene even if I wanted to, so you'd be sorely disappointed.
  • Do plan plot points, starters, and settings with me! I like to come to a clear agreement of the direction we'd both like to take the story before we begin. This is not to say I want to plan everything we're going to do in the RP. I typically only aim to pin down the point "A" and sometimes have a vague idea of how we reach "B," and then hell if I know what "B" is.
  • Don't make me pull the wagon on my own, so to speak. Likewise, don't try to snatch the wagon away from me and run off. Roleplaying is a team effort that requires us both to pull some of the weight. We must mutually communicate and actively contribute to the plot if we want to effectively write a story.
  • Do understand that I'm fully accustomed to forum roleplay and not to fast-paced text RPs or really any pace that involves consistently posting several times a day. If I have the time, I can get to posting one to a few times a day but not to the same partner or group (See my checklist below; I'm pretty tied up in roleplays right now) and when I'm busy, say, in the thick of a hectic college semester, I can only write once or twice every few days. If I get real caught up in something and won't be able to post for awhile, I'll try to let you know. If I don't and instead disappear for several days, you're welcome send me a short message asking what's up and I'll tell you. I'll also apologize sincerely for the absence because I'm trying to be more communicative these days. Sometimes I will shamefully slip into old, bad habits.
  • Lastly, don't try to pull any of the obviously obnoxious, annoying, and exhausting bullcrap that is powerplaying, godmodding, petty OOC conflict, or anything similar. I'm pretty patient and might let it slide with a polite warning the first few times, but repeatably rude and disrespectful behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

I'm currently involved in 5 1x1s and 2 groups.

My availability to new games? Not available to new RPs, ones I propose excluded.

RP Checklist!
List of posts I need to make, made public for accountability.
(Key: (^) = all caught up (...) = on hiatus)
  • Bloodied Shards (Main Story Arc)
    • Drake/Geoff [^] Lisa
    • Raven (^)
  • Bloodied Shards: Neo and the Lost Continent (1x1 Side Story)
    • Vincent
  • Woodland Stroll (1 x 1)
    • Lisa
  • Chance Encounter Behind a Leafy Green Veil (1 x 1)
    • Selkie and Cupid
    • The Epic Misadventures of Ziktia in a Suburban 60's Hellscape (1 x 1)
    • Vincent
  • The Town (Private Group)
    • Vincent/Environment(...)

Rave Reviews

One of my fave characters to play with, this girl might be terrified, exhasperated, and wishing she were anywhere else most of the time, but is as much a hero as any other character. Also, she's such a sweet shapeshifter. <3 Protecc her! ^v^ Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Avitrathephoenix
Raven (played by DazzlingDragon)
Raven is a very cool character!Everybody should rp with Raven cause it’s an amazing character you will like. - Cookiesareyummie

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