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Age: Won't be specific, but I am 18+.
Joined date: August 27th 2017
Currently: Often playing games.
Previous Username: Ender2639
(Last Updated August 25, 2021)

Current location: Canada (I was born Canadian)
Here are my characters, summerized!

Sarah "Bare Bones": The Modifier
Sarah is a young gal with an official job title under the field of biology. Unofficially, she has been helping people modify their body so long as it's within her capabilities.

Novus Alpha: The Shooting Star
Novus Alpha is a manager among stars and Gods. If you think you've got what it takes, he is more than welcome to try and help you shoot for the stars.

Samuel Locket: The Indifferent
Samuel is a robot trying to live life to the fullest. Sure, he avoids any recognition or glamour, but he's got a business to run. It's hard to live unnoticed when you're good at what you do.

Tomson: The Listener
Tomson is a bartender among all kind of creatures. Whether looking for a job or already working one, he's always ready to lend an ear, and perhaps even help you out with whatever troubles you.

Maddie Thornton: The Tired Trainer
Maddie, a Pokemon Trainer without motivation, is just trying to find her way through life while keeping an eye out for a profession that interests her.

Isabeau Abigail: The Determined

Isabeau is no longer being used in Roleplays as she is outdated.

Madison Skybossom: The Impurity
Madison Skyblossom is no longer being used in Roleplays as she is outdated.

Was Previously...

Hi there. I've been on site for a while and know a handful, however I've only recently returned to it. It's been a bit since I've navigated the site, so it may take me a bit of getting used to. So, I'm just gonna continue to slowly dip into this site and get used to stuff. My biggest warning is that I have insecurities with spelling (bless autocorrect).

A bit about my Roleplay mannerisms
  • I RP in third person, but I have no issue with whatever perspective preference you have!
  • I RP in past tense, but I have no issue with whatever tense preference you have!
  • I try my best to mirror the reply length of the other players in the RP, unless there is a setting to set up or something important to write. However, I find it incredibly hard to RP with only one sentence responses.
  • I do have school as well as a part time job. This means I may range in times between posts.
  • I am down to chat OOC if you need it or if you want to establish something between us in the story.
  • Speaking of which, I do enjoy having some sort of guidelines for where the plot will go so that I don't throw you or your character into undesired situations.

I can also be offline for a while from time to time thanks to school so please be aware of that...

Life before RP. I may take time to respond. Please understand that this account is for my time off, not my profession.

Common Prompts for My Characters

For Novus Alpha:
  • Top singer? Untouched talent? Newborn God? He'll take them all! Your character (Y/C) is in a perfect position for a new manager and needs some help getting onto their feet. Whether at one of Y/C performances or Y/C contacts him, Novus sees their potential and wants to help them reach for the stars! If they have more of a Deity connection, he'll be more than happy to help Y/C realize their potential, pull off a few Godly stunts, and/or establish themselves as a worthy Deity! If they're more down to Earth/whatever planet they call home, he is still more than happy to help Y/C set up shows, make deals, and/or create the perfect platform of stardom for them!
For Tomson:
  • Walking into a bar, Your character (Y/C) seems pretty beat. Tomson is working the bar and is ready to serve Y/C a drink. Why not tell him why they're in here? If Y/C is convincing enough, he might just offer to help you out with your goal after his shift's up.
  • Your character (Y/C) seems to have quite the business for themselves and Tomson just happens to be looking for a job. See how he works, watch how he performs, and maybe Y/C enjoy him as an employee.
  • Tomson is always looking to improve his craft as a mixologist/bartender. Perhaps he ends up at your character's (Y/C) place and is looking to learn?
For Samuel Locket:
  • Perhaps your character (Y/C) isn't exactly seeing eye to eye with the law. And maybe their antics have finally caught up to them. Whether Samuel finds them first or they seek him out, Samuel decides to get the whole story out of Y/C and then makes a decision on whether or not to find a safe haven they could lay low at.
For Sarah "Bare Bones":
  • Maybe your character (Y/C) doesn't like how they look or maybe they want to be capable of things not native to the human body. After looking into a solution, Sarah's name pops up and you both strike up a conversation. Whether Y/C knows of the back alley deals Sarah commonly performs or not, there could end up being trouble - potentially into regards of Y/C's own shady background - leading into Sarah's suppliers to instead become Y/C's hunters with Sarah trying to calm everything down.

Extra Bits

My MMORPG Sprite

Rave Reviews

Ender is a great roleplayer! Their characters are well thought out and relatable and they are a pleasure to chat with ooc! I would recommend an rp with them highly! - Gab
There's so much I could say about Ender!

She is a solid roleplayer and writer with a very interesting set of characters (I love Influence so much)! We've RPed a few times and let me tell you, I had such a great experience everytime we did! Some of the responses she gave cracked a good smile or chuckle out of me. I definitely recommend her as a partner if you happen to stumble upon her! :^] - koobler

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