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I have RP'd over the last ten years, though in the past five years I've involved myself with modding games like as, Skyrim, Dragon Age, The Witcher, FO4, Oblivion and Mount and Blade. So, yes! I'm a gamer.

I write in paragraphs but that also depends on the situation and the writing partner. I prefer to write male characters only and the ones I have designed. Most of my characters look for romance and adventure.

I like medieval and fantasy settings with darker themes. I won't write with under 18 as my characters flirt and like some form of intimacy, I write in third person and usually from two to four paragraphs.


Rave Reviews

Levi is the ABSOLUTE best person ever. He has always helped me with my character, he comes up with great things to do in our group, and he's the moral center.
He's the best. And so I offer as the bard, a soundtrack for Levi.
<3 Kiera the Bard Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous
A writer who puts depth, passion and essence into his characters. His plotting is artfully employed with cunning and his story telling consistent with his original characters and their history. He's been my writing partner and DM for several months on RPR, though I've known him for several years Great sense of humor Long-term partner - WinterBlackDraoi

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