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I have RP'd since I was fifteen. I've involved myself with modding games like Skyrim, Dragon Age, The Witcher, FO4, Oblivion, Dragon's Dogma, Fallout New Vegas, and Mount and Blade. So, yes! I'm a gamer. :)

I write in paragraphs but that also depends on the situation and the writing partner. I prefer to write male characters only and the ones I have designed. Most of my characters are flirty and look for romance and adventure.

I like medieval and fantasy settings with darker themes. I won't write with under 18s as my characters flirt and like some form of intimacy, I write in third person and usually form two to four paragraphs.

I won't romance cartoons, anime, dolls, or drawings. That's just plain weird and uncomfortable. I have boundaries, please respect them!

My Group.

Icewind Dale.

Groups I'm currently a member of.

The Glass Green. A Dark Medieval Fantasy.

Black Chalice. Modern paranormal/supernatural/Lovecrafty thing.


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Rave Reviews

DeathandtheMaiden is a wonderful DM to The Glass Green. His characters are unquie, a pleasure to interact with and to watch interact with others. OOC his is a very sweet person with a mischievous sense of humour. He always puts a smile on my face. :D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Falyn
Tha'n (played by DeathandtheMaiden)
Tha'n's writer portrays this character as skilled, wise and caring. His seems a natural leader to me and earns a certain mystique as the captain of The Snow Heron, a healer and Moon Elf. Tha'n is written as genuine, at times harsh, but he is shown as having great concern for the people under his care. A wonderfully skilled writer and caring person behind this character. Don't miss the privilege to RP with him if you get it! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Falyn

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