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About half of my life, half of the things I did and still doing is because of him. There were times in my life which I had nothing to do and no plan at all, till I found him (or he found me!) And I experienced the most wonderful, fantastic and fun life ever.
The moments we spent on RP, different games and talking about various stuff, were beyond this world.
I'm looking forward to the future we create. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Boneless
Indeed a good RP-mate to have but for's my mate in everything.
I really enjoy rping with him. He's really a funny dude and so flexible at doing stuff and I never saw him turning down literally anything! Indeed a very intreating guy with a great (really amazing) imagination when it comes to rping and holy @#$! He's active as @#$!. Never enough to talk about him... Kind and understanding Creative ideas - QUAKEKING

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