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Please read the whole thing if you’d like to request RP to make sure our interests align

RP status: I am not accepting RP requests at the moment unless I post something in Looking for RP. No, I’m not making exceptions,

Response rate: I’ll get back to people as soon as I can, but I'm feeling rather stressed at the moment.

Disclaimer: All art I use is either my own, was made using an online avatar creator, or is from Pinterest. Any art that isn't mine belongd to the original creators, although it's hard to find who they are from Pinterest.

Hi there! It's nice to meet you, even if I have no idea you're reading this. I’m a human who enjoys role-playing, obviously. I also like warm hugs.


I'm putting the character info before the rules for convenience purposes. If you're seeking roleplay with a specific one, read it first!!
That said, here's
the character info

PS: Important: If I delete the character slot I’m role-playing with, it doesn’t mean I’m quitting. Just act like nothing happened. I won’t implement new changes made or scrap the role play.

If you'd like a more simplified profile of each character, click here
THIS IS VERY MUCH IN PROGRESS, HOWEVER, and was originally meant for my own means.

All characters are temporarily unavailable as I am not accepting new RPs at the moment.


Here are my rules and basic info about how I work!

Friend requests: I will not accept friend requests from people who I have never interacted with. You're not a friend if I've never talked to you.

Response frequency: Take as long as you need as long as you're able to give me an approximation or tell me that your schedule is unstable. For me, I get around to it when I can, although current frequencies are with my status up top.

Response length: I'm flexible. I just require at least 2-3 sentences, avoid one-liners if you can. NEVER one-word responses, though. I can't do more than around 20 lines myself, unless you're okay with replies once a week or so.

Characters:While the characters I have do have backstories, I will always edit any backstory to make it easier for someone. I will NOT change a character aside from the surroundings (setting)-- that and how it affects said OC is fine, the actual canonical character is not.

I admit: I do have trouble with sharing my ideas sometimes- usually when an RP is already in motion. I'm afraid of proposing something someone hates or making something happen that the other person didn't want to happen. If you feel like I'm not moving the plot along as fast as you want or you'd like me to introduce more ideas, just poke me about it.

Mistakes: Everyone makes them. If I say something or you say something that is offensive to either of us, let’s talk it out. I will never ever intentionally be rude or offensive to everyone, and (this should be a no-brainer) hopefully you wouldn’t either. If something does happen, let’s apologize and move on.

Please do!!
Fantasy- high or low, modern or not modern.

Romance- pairings of any gender, but I will not play the male in MxF or play an incredibly dominant character. Also: If your character happens to be female-presenting futanari or a transsexual/transgender female, she is still female. I will not romance a male character with her. Point given, take it or not.

Sci-fi or dystopian- that's a little more difficult for me because I'm not used to it, but sure!

Comedy- good to mix with romance or fantasy!

Chatting OOC! If you like to, of course, I'm a bit awkward but always up for conversation.

Please don't!!

XForce me into uncomfortable scenarios.

XPermanently kill or maim my character or your character, or destroy the world or something without asking - let's talk first. Honestly, I don't generally like those kinds of things.

XWrite out detailed scenes of choking from ingesting or swallowing something. Illness is fine, and things like strangling and drowning are fine, though.

X Romanticize pedophilia, incest, self harm, suicide, etc. Etc.

Don't ghost me. Seriously, just don't. I don't mind if you want to quit, but you have to tell me first. If you think you might ghost or have a habit of it, don't engage with me in the first place.

About me!

Hi! I'm some weird person who's been roleplaying for a little over a year now. I've loved writing since I was really little, as well as drawing. Recently I've done a little dancing, but I'm not much good at it. I'm also kind of a weeb.Cosplay is also fun too UwU

PM me here if you're interested or contact me on Discord at

Byeee! Have a great day, night, afternoon, or midday (and if it's like 3 AM go get yourself some sleep)!

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LITERAL GOD AT ROLEPLAYING!!! If you are roleplaying with Dekko, you will already know what I'm on about. Thats all. Mic Drop. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - XTXtraVolt
Dekko, Dekko, Dekko...where do I even begin!? Quite fun, she is! Plus, with a selection of unforgettable characters, there’s always someone ready to play! Yeah, give this puu quite the dekko, will ya? (See what I did there, Dekko-puu?) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Xenoworlds_BEYOND

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