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RP status:
~H i a t u s~
I'm busy with school and other things. Existing RP partners, I apologize for the wait. I'll probably be back in another week or so.

Disclaimer: All art I use is either my own, was made using an online avatar creator or is from Pinterest. Any art that isn't mine belongs to the original creators.

No random friend requests, please. Message me first.

~If you're seeking RP, please read the following~

Please do!

✓ Romance; pairings of any gender.

✓Fantasy! High or low, modern or medieval.

✓Comedy! Comedy is funny.


✓Sci-fi or dystopian; I'm new to it but willing to try!

✓ OOC chatter! I'm a bit awkward and blunt, but I try to be nice.

✓ Take as long as you need, although if you're going to be gone longer than a month please tell me (or if you put notices on your profile like I do, that's also perfect).

✓ Politely poke me if there's something you'd like to change or see me do, you want more ideas from me, or you want to change something. Communication!

No thank you!

✕ Killing off main characters (unless it's a villain) without proper consent from both parties.

✕Major eating disorders. It's okay if your character has one, but they have to have help with recovering other than my character. Please understand that eating disorders are triggering to me and I'd like to avoid discussions of (TW) restricting, purging, etc..

✕ Don't force things on me-- not everything is covered here, and that doesn't mean I'll do anything not listed.

✕ Please never romanticize pedophilia, incest, (TW) self harm, suicide, etc. Etc. That's disgusting.

✕ Fandom roleplay. Not really my cup of tea.

✕ Don't ghost me. No. Nada. Zip. Zero. I'll worry a lot.

✕ OOC drama. Resolving a conflict is fine, but being rude and immature is not.

✕ Disregarding the limitations I have provided about myself and my characters (aside from changing the AU/setting of a character, but that would be discussed before RPing of course).


♡PM me here if you're interested! I do have Discord, and I'll give it to you if you ask.♡
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Rave Reviews

Dekko, Dekko, Dekko...where do I even begin!? Quite fun, she is! Plus, with a selection of unforgettable characters, there’s always someone ready to play! Yeah, give this puu quite the dekko, will ya? (See what I did there, Dekko-puu?) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Xenoworlds_BEYOND
LITERAL GOD AT ROLEPLAYING!!! If you are roleplaying with Dekko, you will already know what I'm on about. Thats all. Mic Drop. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - XTXtraVolt

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