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Hi there! It's nice to meet you, even if I have no idea you're reading this.

I’m a human who enjoys role playing. Obviously. I also like warm hugs.

Important: If a character I’m using for an RP goes missing or changes dramatically, it doesn’t mean I’m quitting. Just act like nothing happened, I won’t implement new changes made or scrap the role play.

I'm putting the character info before the rules for convenience purposes. If you're seeking roleplay with a specific one, read it first!!
Character information- availability and other stuff!!!

Characters I really wanna roleplay: 67452 or Kai, 67451 or Zephyr, Abbot, Kenji, Prism, Miro, Zander, Cobalt, and Yuuki.

Characters I can use: Laken

Characters that are taken for the time being: Regan, Zerachiel.

Characters unavailable due to being a WIP: Shizuru, Nori, Hikaru, Placeholder, Placeholder.

"Submissive" characters: Hikaru, Nori, Mikaze, 67452 or Kai, Prism, Regan, Yuuki,
Cobalt, and Zerachiel.

"Either or" characters: 67451 or Zephyr, Abbot, Kenji, Miro, Laken, Shizuru, and Zander.

These are by no general means BD** terms, just a small reference on who would need guidance in a relationship.

Character profiles in-progress: Laken, Cobalt, Miro, Abbot, Mikaze, Prism, Blair, Angelo, Hikaru, Nori, Shizuru.

Finished character profiles (woohoo!): Kenji, Zander, Yuuki, Kai, Regan, Zerachiel, Zephyr.

I am not open for new RPs unless I put a request in for "looking for RP".

Uhh... here we go. Rules and stuff? And about things?

Befriendment: Let’s talk first before making any sort of friend request.

Response frequency: Depends on length, but generally either daily or every 4-5 days at the most. Some things are easier for me to respond to then others. It's fine if you're very slow or very busy as long as you tell me!

Response length: I can do from three lines on a laptop/PC/tablet to around 20-30 lines, no more unless it's a starter.

    While some of the characters I have do have specific backstories, I will always edit any character to make it easier for someone.
    I will NOT change a character's personality, species, orientation, gender, or anything else major like that. Surroundings and how it affects said OC is fine, actual character is not.

Contribution: Please contribute to the rp! It takes two to tango. >_<

I will wholeheartedly admit, although not proudly: I do have trouble with sharing my ideas sometimes- usually when an RP is already in motion. It's because I'm afraid of rejection or the other person making judgments or many other irrational fears regarding my own ideas, or just slipping up and making something happen that the other person didn't want to happen, etc. etc. If you feel like I'm not moving the plot along as fast as you want or you'd like me to introduce more ideas, feel free to give me a slap.

Mistakes: Everyone makes them. If I say something or you say something that is offensive to either of us, let’s talk it out. I will never ever intentionally be rude or offensive to everyone, and (this should be a no-brainer) hopefully you wouldn’t either.

Please do!!
    Fantasy- high or low, modern or not modern.
    Romance- pairings of any gender, but I will not play the male in MxF or play an incredibly dominant character. Also: If your character happens to be female-presenting futanari or a transsexual/transgender female, she is still female. I will not romance a male character with her. Point given, take it or not.
    Sci-fi or dystopian- that's a little more difficult to get right, but sure!
    Comedy- good to mix with romance or fantasy! Haha, it's a perfect cocktail.
    Chatting OOC! If you like to of course, I'm a bit awkward but always up for conversation.

Please don't!!!
    Be rude and disrespectful. (Come on, it's not hard.)
    Force me into uncomfortable scenarios.
    Permanently kill or maim my character- let's talk first. Honestly, I don't like character death.
    Big tragic sad endings

This gets it's own section, but belongs in the please don't:
Please don't!!!! It makes me anxious not knowing if you wanted to quit or not or if something happened to you, and I might ask why or I might be too shy to do so. It depends. It's also just disrespectful and hurtful. If you wanna quit, say it to my face.
If it's something I said or did, please tell me even if you'd not like to continue. I don't want to keep making the same mistakes and offending people, as I do mess up at times. If you're not sure of my definition of "ghosting," look at it here.
Ghosting is disappearing for a very long time or ditching completely without notice. You definitely don't have to tell me if you have to go have dinner or something, but if you're going away for a week or something, try and say so.

About this human

Name: Dekko
Player: The big bad world.
Nicknames: None really
Race: Human; Asian-American
Body Type: Cross between the "triangle" and "rectangle" (???)
Height: 5’1"
Complexion: Pale beige, permanently ruddy cheeks.
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Handedness: Left
Personality: Generally quiet out of people-fear, laughs at either everything or nothing on any given day, is nicer to people they likes.
Mannerisms: Jiggles legs, taps hands.
Likes: Beds, fluffy blankets, drawing things.
Dislikes: Text analysis, thoughtless comments, messing up.
Sexuality: Pan
Magic/abilities: Can do a headstand (Does it count?)
Weakness/possible hindrance: Often unmotivated and has low self-esteem. Often convinced nobody cares about them.
Languages spoken: English.

There’s probably more to be added to this profile later. PM me here if you’re interested or...

Contact me on Discord at @Dekko#0258

Byeee! Have a great day, night, afternoon, or midday!

Rave Reviews

WOOOO! more kudos,you go girl,Anyway,I just want to say what an awesome role player this gal is,she makes the romance genres very enjoyable,and i even cried a little at a certain scene in one of our role plays,i love role playing with her,she is so sweet and imaginative and funny.I suggest y'all rp with her,you won't be disappointed ^^ - JetStorm
An amazing roleplayer, with diverse characters that are well written. Her ideas are creative, and she has a good response time. I love the dedication she puts into each roleplay, and I highly recommend rping with her.
~ fellow shy, socially awkward human Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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