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Hi there! I'm Delirium! :)

As a quick introduction, here are just a few things about me:

I have been RPing for about eight years at the least (I may have lost count), and have been writing for more.
I use she/her pronouns and I am bi.
I'm a dog person, for sure.
I'm currently pursuing a masters degree, so if I get busy with classwork during the semester I apologize for that and I'll try to let my partners know ahead of time.

All that being said, RPR is pretty much my favorite online community, and I'm grateful for all of the people that I've met here and RPed with. I hope to continue writing for many years to come!

Time Zone: EST (eastern standard time)

Current RP Status:
As of 08/10/2020: Work takes up most of my time during the week. The semester is also about to begin so I will be quite busy with classwork. However, willing to take on one or two new RPs if I can be so enticed.

About my writing:
1) I prefer fairly literate partners, meaning multiple paragraphs rather than a few sentences, and a fairly well developed understanding of the English language. (I'm honestly even more impressed if English isn't your first language.)

2) I normally reply at least once a day. I am a student, so class is going to take up a lot of my time, as well as the multitude of other activities I have going on. However, I normally try to get at least one reply in even on a busy day. If I haven't responded in several days, please feel free to pop in and check up on me.

3) I'm looking for well thought out, interesting plots that can be developed over time. I want something with more than just surface material. It needs to develop and change the further we get into it. That's what makes writing exciting! Seeing how characters and plot twists can change! I am completely down to do some romance plots, but that can't be all the plot is.

4) I really have a pet peeve for Powerplay or anything related to that. For those who don't know Powerplay is where you control your partner's character either through thoughts or movements. It's really not fun for anyone. I have to then work around what you've made my character do, whether or not it's actually in line with what I think her character would do, so it takes away from the authenticity of my post, as well as my control over the plot. I wouldn't tell you what your character does, so please don't do that to me.

5) Any other types of RP plays like Gary/Mary Sues, etc. those things, please don't do. Again, it just doesn't make the plot fun.

6) I have a folder for active and inactive RPs. If you previously RPed with me and would like to restart after a hiatus, please don't hesitate to let me know. Most likely our RP was moved to my inactives folder. RPs move from the active to the inactive folder after about a month or two of inactivity. I'll generally try to make contact again to see if you are still interested before moving it.

7) I do reserve the right to decide who I do and do not RP with. I have found over my years of RP that a lot of factors, including writing style and experience, can affect a RP partnership. I would hate to start up an RP with someone who I do not think is matched well with my own style/experience and create an RP that may not be enjoyable for either one of us. So, if you do message me for an RP I will check out your profile and characters and kudos to see whether I think we would match well before deciding whether or not to respond. Thank you for understanding that.

I look forward to RPing with you all! :)

Rave Reviews

I've been Rping for this chick for a while now and it's going really great. I feel like she can work with just about anything you throw at her and she writes great and is very considerate and just seems like a great person all the way around. I think I'll definitely be writing with her for a while! - Defenestration
Everything about this woman is amazing. Her posts are well written, and informative. Her characters are well thought out, and the stories she tells are always engaging. I for one am glad to have met her. - RedHeadSamurai23

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