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Hiya! My name is brandon!! Im currently a junior in highschool

Not much else id wanna say about myself. I just try my best to be the best person i can be lmoa

If theres anything you should know, is that i tend to use tone tags sometimes. You dont have to use them, but i would appreciate it if you considered using them for something youd think be taken the wrong way.


I been roleplaying since my days on deviant art, witch is all the way back when i was in 6th grade lmoa.

My roleplay style consists in multiple paragraphs, thus labeling my self as a literate.
I often go into character thought and depth in my rp responces! I can be semi literate too tho, so dont worry if you cant really put as much information as i do! Just please dont do one liners and also try and give me somthing to work with or at least react to in roleplay! :)

For rp genres, i am pretty open to the majority of them! The main genres i do include action, fantasy/sci fi, slice of life, fluff, comedic, angst, combat, mystery, horror, adventure, graphic(gore, violence), ect.

When roleplaying i try to be as fair and convenient as possible and i hope for you to be too. I am very chill in letting my characters loose or letting things go the other way, it makes things interesting.

I myself dont really have any triggers, but please do list any triggers or stuff that make you uncomfy before we actually rp/plan rp. I dont wanna make anyone uncomfortable and i hope you dont either.

Aaaanyways now its time to list everything im passionate about in one sitting, HERE I GOO *inhale*

-other peoples art
-video games
-older movies
-1900s culture, especially 90s and 80s
-video essays/listening to people rant in geneal
-nintendo as a whole
-mario series
-sonic series
-legend of zelda series
-horror movies and games
-horror in general
-fnaf, especially classic fnaf
-RPG games
-hollow knight
-doki doki literature club
-dark deception
-pizza tower
-anime in general
-smg4 series
-dont hug me im scared
-furry community
-kids movies/kids movies animation
-animated movies and anination in general
-ect ect ect ect...


Anywyas nice to meet ya!!

Heres other sites im on:

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This guy is super freaking cool. He puts so much personality into his characters when he's RPing even though I haven't roleplayed with him much. A super nice and cool guy. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Sunstruck
Awesome guy! I've known him for a while now and he's very good at writing and roleplaying, able to give a whole lot in one response! Also just a really sweet person in general. Kind and understanding Long posts - Foxfarer

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