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In the mood for some fantasy with a dash of chaos, maybe some romance too?
Anything is possible in Tam'nýer-a'

All other roleplays are currently on hold at this time.
Be aware that my characters depict dark/adult themes such as:
psychological abuse | sexual abuse | BDSM | incest | death

Talisman made by Dorian

Everything above aside, please think about the following disclaimers:
First and foremost, I am not my husband. We are separate people. Please treat us as such. Secondly, I wish you the absolute best. Life is short, go out and enjoy it! If we've had a falling out, please know that the previous statement is true. We may not be each other's cup of tea, but you got so much to give. E0pTcmx.pngMy personal judgement of you, while it is my own and I hold the right to have it, know that you are fully free to ignore my ass. Life is beautiful, and we all make up that tapestry. Keep on going on.

You're an intelligent, talented, lovely individual.


Rave Reviews

It was hard to pick just two qualities to describe this man. I think most of the ones listed can be used to talk about Demi. He is a wonderful friend with a HUGE imagination. The lore and world he created is magnificent. His characters are all 3 dimensional with depth and character. His posts all move the story forward and he is a delight to write. I look forward to all of the future stories we plot together. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Krispythekritter
My good long-time friend and a creative writer as well as creator. In the years that I've known him, he's been a fantastic buddy, and Tam'nery-a' is one of the richest verses I have had the pleasure of looking through. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kamizombie

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