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Status Update: Learning my own worth &

So rarely do we allow others to grow or give them the benefit of the doubt that they can or will over time.

We all do our best as we know how in the now.
You're wonderful as you were, as you are and as you will be.
We all make mistakes.

A word of advice: You know all those uplifting messages out there? "Hang in there!" "I beleaf in you!" Even your worst enemy scrolls past those, smiles, and sometimes cries. We all have bad days. Self-righteousness is a fallacy.

Talisman made by Dorian

Rave Reviews

Demi is amongst the finest writers I have ever read. He is incredibly warm and welcoming while holding himself to the highest standards. Worlds live inside him and with a little luck, you can experience the tidal wave of sheer awesome that is Demi. Be good to Demi and you can rest assured that no one will have your back better, or support you through more. Demi simply is the gold standard for writing, friendship, and class. - JosephineRyofu
Demi has been such a good friend to me over the short period that I have known him that it sometimes surprises me. While we're not super close, he never ceases to be incredibly kind, caring, and just a generally awesome person to know. Though I haven't been able to RP with him yet, I look forward to that day, as I can only imagine what a talented writer he is, as both his characters and Tam'nýer—a' are so wonderfully thought out. - tisonlychaos

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