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Status Update: Blue dinosaurs survive on mars

So rarely do we allow others to grow or give them the benefit of the doubt that they can or will over time.

We all do our best as we know how in the now.
You're wonderful as you were, as you are and as you will be. We all make mistakes.

In the mood for some fantasy with a dash of chaos, maybe some romance too?
Anything is possible in Tam'nýer-a'


Talisman made by Dorian

Rave Reviews

Taking account of the fact that I have made a new character specifically to be able to write part of Zjinn's story, it is past time that I give this complex man his due. Zjinn is very human in a profound way, strong and vulnerable at the same time, and certainly admirable and well portrayed. One cannot help but get attached to him, and root for him, despite his flaws. Like a dark ravine absorbing light, Zjinn is full of secret depths, but also precious treasures. - DorianM
Demi has been such a good friend to me over the short period that I have known him that it sometimes surprises me. While we're not super close, he never ceases to be incredibly kind, caring, and just a generally awesome person to know. Though I haven't been able to RP with him yet, I look forward to that day, as I can only imagine what a talented writer he is, as both his characters and Tam'nýer—a' are so wonderfully thought out. - tisonlychaos

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