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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: November 25

OdGzL9A.pngI am not accepting new roleplays outside of Tam'nýer—a'.
Seizure. I'm basically typing and thinking as if I'm three sheets to the wind. Fun but also embarrassing. Replies delayed. ❤

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Animal crackers and cocoa to drink,
That is the finest of suppers, I think;
When I'm grown up and can have what I please
I think I shall always insist upon these.

- Christopher Morley

Since most people use this for a tidbit about themselves as well as personal preferences & regulations, let's get started.
I have a penchant for books, antiques, nature, listening to music, singing along crappily to the radio, watching the BBC, foreign films and loads of murder documentaries. I have an insatiable fascination with murder, the human condition as well as lore. A dash of the taboo, be it of a sexual nature or otherwise is also a welcome companion. I'm a quirky, lurking pansexual man. I have been known to hoard coffee, tea, blankets and the corner seat on the sectional for the best reading nest opportunities. Rain is much appreciated; don't forget the apple cider or the drambuie!

I'm more of a one-on-one type person, and an introvert. However, I can present myself as an extrovert by ways of being raunchy and obnoxious. That being said, I'm not the type to talk every day. I enjoy my peace and quiet, and alone time as I tend to burn out from social interaction rather quickly. I'm the kind of friend that may not talk to you for month but that doesn't mean that I don't care or am not thinking of you. I simply like quiet.

I ask that above all you please think about the following disclaimer: First and foremost, I am not my husband. We are separate people. Please treat us as such. Moving on, I do my utmost to be honest and forthcoming at all times. If you have a tendency to 'beat around the bush', or feel uncomfortable being assertive, we will most likely have problems getting along. I'm the type of person that needs that sort of openness. I will tell you if I have an issue to your face, because bitching about you to people rather than solving the problem head on seems like a waste of time to me. Not to mention rude.

No one is a mind reader here. That being said, I will take what you tell me at face value, so if you tell me that you're okay and you're actually not, that's not my problem. I also will call you out on things that I may notice and do not appreciate. I am blunt, I am honest to the best of my ability and capacity as a fellow human being. It is part and parcel of who I am. I mean no offence, but you are welcome to take it if you choose.

Gifts from Loverly Souls:

AGBut18.pngOne Red Rose from SilentSybil
A Blue Fish & Puffer Fish from rat
An Alien Honor Blade Bat'leth from Kim
About a dozen Party Hats from TardisCatTwo
An Enchanted Cloak, a Mushroom and Yellow, Red, Blue Roses from PrettySir
One Yellow Rose, One Red Autumn Leaf, a Book of Pages, an Oil of Epicness, a Greater Oil of Epicness, 1 Green Cloak, Red Cloak, Purple Cloak & Technicolour Cloak from DorianM
A Yellow Rose, Blue & Red Orbs, a Wand of Epicness, a Book of Pages & 4 Stargazer Lilies from JosephineRyofu
Super Party Hat of Healing & a Flintlock Pistol from xKeatonx
One Gold Autumn Leaf from Orrik_Zynn_x2
Ominous pretty gift wrapped gifts, Fish & a Greater Wand of Epicness from Kruhee

Rules & Regulations for Writing With Me
  • If you send me a message saying that you would like to roleplay with me please have some sort of idea as to what you would like to write and what character of mine has tickled your fancy. I'm not a fan of messaging back and forth trying to gain insight as to what you like and coming up empty handed.

    I always will come to you prepared as it shows that I actually have a desire to write with you. I will not message you on a whim about a roleplay simply because I have a busy life outside of RPR and assume the same for all here. I want my time spent wisely and to have fun. I don't like wasting my free time so why possibly eat up yours?
  • 21+ years of age is preferred.
  • Please no godmodding or metagaming.
  • Have a solid comprehension of grammar, spelling & the English language. I am not asking for perfection as that is impossible, I simply have a preference for effort. <3
  • A minimum of a 9th grade reading & writing level
  • The character you wish to use to write with me is fully thought out and not a 'made-to-fit-any-rp'
  • I do not write with furries. This is not due to the unfortunate stereotype that is attached to them regarding sexual content, it's simply that I find the concept of snouts to be unappealing.
  • I mainly write MxM
  • You are all right with not fading to black. This does not mean that fading to black is not an option, it is simply a usual for me not to.
  • If we write fantasy, realism must still be a part of it; e.g. Icarus' waxen wings still melt
  • I ask that your characters have an image so that I can better visualize the scene when writing with you
  • Yes, I am perfectly all right with writing non-con, mutilation (aside from self-harm), Stockholm syndrome, kidnapping, manipulation, emotionally and physically abusive relationships.

Last but not least, my utmost thanks to you for reading through, or simply stopping by. Let us have fun, enjoy ourselves to the fullest, and respect one another where ever & whenever we come across one another.

Rave Reviews

  • Demilicious is one of those community members who spends a lot of time helping out the mod team, by making reports about things they notice and helping out on the public forums. He is SO INCREDIBLY helpful not just to new folks but to the mods and the whole community :)
    -- Ben
  • I've not had the pleasure of RP'ing with Demi as of yet. However, talking with him OOCly is just as lovely! He's sweet and gives advice if he sees I might need it, which I appreciate more than he might realize. But overall, he's a lovely person to talk to! I've...
    -- UrbanLady

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