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Male | 32 | Pacific Standard Time
❦ The Other Spouse
Busy with family & running the group Tam'nýer-a'
My head is basically up Tam'nýer-a''s ass. I am DROWNING.
All other roleplays are currently on hold at this time.

"Demi" written in Toli by the wondrous Magnus<3

Since most people use this for a tidbit about themselves as well as personal preferences & regulations, let's get started.

iOybcg3.pngBrsm7Cp.pngI have a penchant for books, antiques, nature, listening to music, singing along crappily to the radio, watching the BBC, foreign films and loads of murder documentaries. I have an insatiable fascination with murder, the human condition as well as lore. A dash of the taboo, be it of a sexual nature or otherwise is also a welcome companion. I'm a quirky, lurking man. I have been known to hoard coffee, tea, blankets and the corner seat on the sectional for the best reading nest opportunities. Rain is much appreciated and don't forget the apple cider or the drambuie!

I'm more of a one-on-one type person, and an introvert. However, I can present myself as an extrovert by ways of being raunchy and obnoxious. That being said, I'm not the type to talk every day. I enjoy my peace and quiet, and alone time as I tend to burn out from social interaction rather Yee6aYt.pngquickly. I'm the kind of friend that may not talk to you for month but that doesn't mean that I don't care or am not thinking of you. I simply like quiet.

Most of all though, I am a World-builder. If you need help, consider hiring me to help you create flora, fauna, gods, races, etc. or iron out continuity!

The beautiful symbols are my true name written in fantasy languages. The first one is mine, the second is provided by the smashing Mel<3

Everything above aside, please think about the following disclaimers:
First and foremost, I am not my husband. We are separate people. Please treat us as such. Secondly, I wish you the absolute best. Life is short, go out and enjoy it! If we've had a falling out, please know that the previous statement is true. We may not be each other's cup of tea, but you got so much to give. E0pTcmx.pngMy personal judgement of you, while it is my own and I hold the right to have it, know that you are fully free to ignore my ass. Life is beautiful, and we all make up that tapestry. Keep on going on.

You're an intelligent, talented, lovely individual.

In the mood for some fantasy, adventure and quality writers? Check out
Tam'nýer—a' grico-2636-1556251816.png


Talisman made by Dorian

Last but not least, my utmost thanks to you for reading through, or simply stopping by. Let us have fun, enjoy ourselves to the fullest, and respect one another where ever & whenever we come across one another. ❤

Rave Reviews

  • SO. I didn't give Demi kudos and now I gotta. So, what is there to say about Demi? Everything! He's super cool and really nice, although dorky in that super cute older brother friend way, y'know? His attention to detail and love for Tam is 10000% admirable! If you...
    -- Kamui
  • Always forget to give these in a timely manner and this one is long overdue. Demi is just absolutely brilliant. He is writing is so descriptive and heartfelt and his world is so wonderful and detailed. Anyone is lucky to rp with him and even if you don't get the...
    -- Waldo

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