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hi. i'm an artist. Commissions are open.

Tea, baths, and extra salty popcorn are things I enjoy. I'm friendly and communicative, but not very good at small talk. Writing is a lifelong hobby of mine and I'm looking for roleplayers that have somewhat decent spelling and grammar. I am a busy person: Be warned that my posting can be sporadic, but I aim for a minimum of once a week.


I like a fair amount of drama and angst in my plots. My posts run about 400 words and can get quite long. Although fiercely introverted, I am approachable. If there's a problem, please discuss it with me. I'm impossible to offend.

If you're interested, please please please inform me of any triggers you may have, or topics that are off-limits. Otherwise, I have no limits and might kill the dog.

  • No smut! In the event your character develops feelings for mine, they will likely be unrequited unless previously discussed. Intimacy fades to black.
  • Paragraphs required. I like to write and I like to see the plot moving forward.
  • IC and OOC are very separate. My character's actions and opinions do not reflect my own. That would be terrible.
  • Be OK with adult themes. Playing as children is fine with most of my characters. However, I'd like to avoid offending any young roleplayers. If there is anything you're especially uncomfortable with, please let me know before we start.
  • PM or Private Group Only. I don't keep up with roleplay on forums or Discord.

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