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22/Female/Wife & Mom/Crazy Asf

Been roleplaying for around 11 years.

I'm very direct I don't got time for beating around the bush 😂 But I promise I'm not gonna bite.

Sorta getting back into art.

Paragraph / I can play any gender & Top or Bottom. / My rps have darker themes.


Rave Reviews

DepressyMessy has been an incredible RP partner with work with so far! She has brilliant well thought out characters and wonderful detained and well-written responses. She has fabulous ideas and I definitely recommend RPing with her if you are given the chance! It is truly a great experience! Creative ideas Long posts - EvanlynDestiny
Where to start? I have absolutely adored roleplaying with her. Right from the get go her responses have been long and detailed and just amazing. She is fantastic at driving the plot forward and she has such a great writing style that I find myself dropping everything to read her responses the second I see them. OOC she is just as lovely and friendly and has quickly become a friend. She really deserves the highest kudos <3 Kind and understanding Long posts - QueenHate

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