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"I rule," you said. "It's in my blood."
"Don't step to me, ESPECIALLY"
"If you can't hang with my best bud."

Heyo, name's Derglet.

I like squids and I'm Australian. Pretty much all ya need to know.

They/Them please. I ain't picky about pronouns too much, but it just feels better, y'know? All about them comfortable vibes here.

Rave Reviews

SIND has always been such a positive and upbeat person to see in the Discord chat that we have. It's always nice to see them interacting with others, and even interact with them one's self. It's also really neat to know that we seem to have a lot of common interests that means that we can discuss things rather freely and with enthusiasm! Something that I definitely always enjoy when talking to others. - FreeJayFly
SIND is the kind of person who makes spaces what the Dutch call 'gezellig' - it's a word that doesn't have an English translation because it encompasses a feeling you can't put into words. It's cozy, fun, entertaining, comfortable and pleasant, but somehow... more than those words combined. I feel the same way about SIND. You just know they make things better, but it's somehow still more than that. I like and appreciate it. - Sanne

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