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"I rule," you said. "It's in my blood."
"Don't step to me, ESPECIALLY"
"If you can't hang with my best bud."

Heyo, name's Derglet.

I like squids and I'm Australian. Pretty much all ya need to know.

They/Them please. I ain't picky about pronouns too much, but it just feels better, y'know? All about them comfortable vibes here.

Rave Reviews

I have RPed with Malicious Toaster during the Halloween event and I can vouch for SINDragon's writing abilities, so far so good. The characters are unique with amusing conversations and reactions. Looking forward to a longer RP with you! - Tusitala2017
Let me just start off by saying that I met SINDragon on miiverse, and we've been doing the same role play for over a year now. She always has a way of making things interesting and never let's the plot die! She's always coming up with great ideas and I can honestly say she is one of the best role play partners I've had the pleasure of encountering! I hope you all have a chance to role play with her as well! - SinceForgotten

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