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I will update this to something later XD

CURRENT STATUS: Getting back into rping and its good to be back! But I am slow and rusty so please remember/know that! Currently injured my back T-T hopefully end of week will be better to write

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Dealt (played by Dharlas)
If you are looking for an RP'er with great vocabulary, and excellent word flow... you've got to RP with this man! He's always up for sinister plots that will throw a twist in your character. - Callan
I don't think we've actually RP'd together, but plenty of chatting has happened! I get the sense that he's a little nervous about stepping on toes at times, but that's just one of the ways he's expressed his interest in wanting everyone to have fun and be comfortable. He's also shown a willingness to accommodate, as an example, the single person in a group who's uncomfortable with a topic that everyone else discussing, helping to change the discussion without it turning into an argument. Kind and understanding - Zelphyr

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    Never rp'd with them, but they are a cool person and hope to start our rp soon. They won't ghost you, ever. They will reply eventually.
    (About 1 month 3 weeks ago)