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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 24

Hi there and welcome to my profile 🤩

I hope that we all can be friends , so here is a little bit about me.

Hodyes 🎨🕹ī¸đŸŽŽđŸ“˛đŸ’ģđŸļ
Making gachatube videos
Playing with my puppy lucy
Pokemon cards
Making friendship bracttes
And so much more

One of my friends from is icygoul

Fav Tv shows ( I will be naming only a few)
Dream defenders
Doctor who
Hunter street
SpongeBob SquarePants
Nutir ventures
Welcome to the Wayne
And so much more

Soicle media
Twitter : vgirl2.0
YouTube : vgirl2.0
Scratch : dib25

Favorite songs 🔊đŸŽļđŸŽĩđŸŽļ
Handclap - fitz and the tannrums
People like us - Kelly Clarkson
Chances - backstreet boys
Happier - marshmallow (fet Bastille)
Over my head - echosmith
The nights - Avicii
&Run - sir sry
In flames - digtial daggers
Inside Out - Itolabothers
Till you drop - Itolabothers
Fading - Alle farben & ILIRA
Broken drum - Cash cash & fitz and the tannrums

I have so many OCs so I won't name them all so sorry mates.

I am teen girl who is in my second year of high school. I am very kind and I am a huge fan of doctor who and more . I have a chocolate lab boxer name Lucy who is super cute pup. I am the creater of the hashtag #bringbacktherobinsons so my favorite movie Meet the robinsons can get a tv show or a second movie.

Please feel free to chat with me and I will be createing rps sometimes the next rp I am going to create is a dream defenders one . So yeah I love cartoons please don't judge me for that.

I hope we all can be friends . Nice to meet you all

Rave Reviews

  • First things first, this gal right here is one caring individual! She has warmed my heart with everything she does. When we RP it is great to see her creativity come to life! She definitely knows how to keep you on your toes and want to continue the rp! Shes not only...
    -- SeaWarriorRachel
  • I just met her but she seems like a cool person to be with!she likes some hobbys that I like like gacha and Twitter.shes just what you would want in a true friend.
    -- Seasongriffen

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