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Guess who's back!?

Greetings heroes! (R.I.P Mr. Lee) its your favorite Chesh back once again with a whole new level of story telling and plots to go around. I have now hit the twenty year mark in Rp and stories so I figured its time to go big or go home and since I mostly post from home there is only 1 choice.

*Bows respectfully*

I hope to enjoy writing with you in the future. Thats all for now and remember, make it fantastic!

Rave Reviews

Diggz is an RP craftsman! When we first started RPing, I was met with his outlined progression of the RP we were getting into. I found it intriguing, how to the point he had plots formed out already, and knew how he wants his RP's to run. The result? He knows what he's doing! Plots and story progression are never delayed with Diggz QB'ing the scene! He's not afraid to introduce his plethora of characters to the story too, making things unpredictable! Keep it up! - EnkeliAgon

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