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A guy who writes, games and thinks a lot. Maybe too much.

I normally don’t tell a lot about myself. (Mostly because nobody has the same interests as me) But I’m an action kind of guy when it comes to rp. But romance and adventure are my bread and butter.

I’m always willing to hear out anybody when there’s something to be told. So if there’s an issue or just something that needs to be made clear, feel free to talk. I’ll do the same if there’s a problem.

Rave Reviews

I haven't known DiranJiru very long at all, but he's been very kind and goofy. I always enjoy seeing him pop up in the chat and wonder what he's up to. I look forward to role-playing with him in the future! - iolhantheX
They're an amazing roleplay who I have been roleplaying with for what feel like years and I love it. Their characters are so interesting! They're always finding ways to progress the plot.
They're wonderful please check them out. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Galaxy-Star

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