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~The guy you'd find on your bus writing a story.

A Manga Artist with a Dream! Well, more of a writer, honestly. You know the kind, Fanfic and the sort. But yeah, I've got ideas of anime I'm developing and I'm happy to make more. And that's kinda why I'm here. To help develop more ideas. If you were wanna chat and talk about that stuff, I'm always open for that.

As for stuff I do for my free time. I usually write stories, or I play video games.

My favourite game series is Kingdom Hearts. Nothing like it. And nothing would make me happier than to have my own Organization .XIII coat.

However, favourite game, as in just a single game is Metal Gear Rising.

Oh, and as for RPs, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure are what I'm into. Anime style is my favourite, but real is good too. And if you ever want 18+ stuff on it, feel free to ask. Gore, anything sexual or the sort.

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I haven't known DiranJiru very long at all, but he's been very kind and goofy. I always enjoy seeing him pop up in the chat and wonder what he's up to. I look forward to role-playing with him in the future! - iolhantheX

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