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  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: February 05

Thank you, Penumbra!!


Gin and Djinn are pronounced the same way and both are spirits in a bottle.
rup-a-tup, lup-a-frup in the nap-up-bup, jup in a bup in a cup

Always remember, I am

Rave Reviews

  • Djinn is FANTASTIC! He's a great RPer who always brings his best to the table with meaty posts filled to the brim with detail. On top of that he's also great to bounce new ideas off of, both for plotlines and characters alike!
    -- Jenamore
  • Djinn's characters have been a blast to play with. They have so many but each one feels completely unique and self-contained. I have yet to meet someone who puts this level of work and research into all of their characters and RP to not just make their characters...
    -- Carrera-Viper

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