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<---- Yes, that is me XD

Want to Skype? No worries my Skype ID is suffy122

My name done in Japenese, huge thanks to HighJinx! <3 much love.


Kana: スフヤン
Kanji: 寿富夜穏
綜- su (rule)
富- fu (rich)
夜- ya (night)
穏- n (calm)

Huge shout out to the following people
-Dylee D (Rynh)
-Victoriantruth (My beautiful girlfriend)

Go give Victoriantruth your love but you better not give her more than I do :0 she's pretty awesome and is a great minion for my llama army.

Hi my Name's Sufyan but I've recently come out as Transgender so I prefer my new name Emily. I plan on updating my username to proudly show it :D

I've been on here for 7 years (Lurking for 2) and started RPing here. I'm glad i did. This place has made me a strong woman and it's a site that I hold near and dear to my heart.

I love to meet new people so if you need someone to show you around then send me a message and you can have an awesome tour guide (me) :3

I used to live in the land of tea and biscuits, England. Now I live in Belgium and it's been a tough ride. It still is but I push through with the woman I love besides me.

My favourite colours are Blue and Pink. I love the colour pink don't ask why. I just do. It's a pretty colour XD

I'm a singer but only to me and my singer GF who is MUCH better than I am. She helps me with mistakes I make.

My favourite food is lasgne and I'm a huge animal lover. I love dog's specifically and my plan is to make a house a home then adopt the unfortunate dogs that are abandoned or hurt.

If i could wish for something it'd be to be like that guy from the movie Jumper. Imagine being able to teleport wherever you wanted :0

#TramHonesty Xion gets this xD WE DA CRAZIEST PEEPS ERE!

My favourite bands :D
Oh I love this question, personally I believe that creativity comes from craziness and I love fast paced rock music that helps my brain come up with these really cool scenarios in my head.

Favourite genres and bands:
-The Script
-Melodic Trap/Electro
-Us The Duo

I love Us The Duo, they're sooooo good, the uuUUUuuu part sends chills *Shivers*

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For a newb he is pretty good. :D I like how he likes to keep his characters unqui in a way. He also won't give you some short reply to a forum you started that have paragrahs on it. Ask him, you won't regert it. :3 - KuroSakuranbo14
This sexy man is one of the coolest people I know. And it is ALL his fault that I now have a group of crazy awesome friends from all around the world. If you need someone to cheer you up, you'd better believe DBT will do it. He always has great ideas for RP and is always able to surprise me when he introduces a twist that I never would've expected. - lyingsmile15

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