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Hello All!
:) :) :) :) :)

Let's see here. . .

🕑 It's Central Time where I live and I'm usually on in the evenings. I'm fairly decent at replying to a post in a timely manner, but sometimes life does happen. If I can't reply for a while, I'll try to let you know (or just profusely apologize) and I hope you do the same!

🧹 I freelance for a living so my schedule is weird and sporadic, but I'll try to check this thing daily. Weekly, at least.

🗡️ I like anything fantasy. Some examples are:
· medieval
· anthro
· dragons
· feral (the talking, fun kind. not the hyper realistic kind)
· mutants
· post-apocalyptic
· sci-fi
· steampunk
· supernatural

❤ And sometimes I'm in the mood for some cutesy, sappy romance.

🚫 I don't like family or high school roleplays and I normally don't like realistic ones, but if the plot is cool then I might be into it!
but honestly probably not
🤷 I don't care how long your posts are as long as they paint a picture and convey the point that pushes the story forward. If you can do that in one sentence then damn bro.

📠 My posts tend to be on the long side, but they fluctuate depending on what's happening. I like to give people time to respond to important actions or dialogue before continuing on, but I'll usually weave the dialogue in if it's not story-altering.

📖 I most often join roleplays without having a character(s) made for them. I have quite a few characters (and they're mostly born from this method), but not one for each setting I come across. I also love the unexpected when writing and even I don't know if my character(s) will live or die. The suspense!

😄 In short, I'm flexible and I just want to write and have fun. I like it when my partner(s) help take control of the story and progress it with me, and I'll never complain about you taking the reins with your own fun spin (without pp'ing or gm'ing, of course).

PM me for RP!

Rave Reviews

This is long overdue. I met Doogie during the Winter Masquerade and am so greatful! They're an amazing writer with lots of awesome ideas. They're really fun to talk to ooc too and very encouraging! Thanks for being an awesome friend! :3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - LunarValravn
It is great to roleplay with Doogie. Their characters, posts, and creativity are so fun to work with. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Mirafin

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