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Hello All!
:) :) :) :) :)

Getting right to it!

I need a paragraph or two (or five), not into those one-liner RP's. I get that posts shrink with conversation scenes and the like, i'm not a stickler, but don't come at me with a sentence. Please :(

i write like this when i'm talking to people oocly, complete with shortcuts like "tho" "idk" and "btw". don't be put off, i actually have good grammar and all that. i SWARE

If I jump into a story, I'll usually join plots of interest as Doogie then make up a character for it on the spot and build them up from there. I have a few characters on my list, but not one for each setting I come across. The character will inevitably be created when I grow attached to them ;D

I like anything fantasy. Medieval, feral, mutants and more! I tend to stay away from general RP's (family, high school, etc) and fandom RPs. Even when it's fantasy, high school is.. blegh.

I prefer roleplaying with people 18+ and would like some warning if you are under that age. Though I'm not totally against roleplaying with you, I would just like to know.

I'm on CENTRAL TIME and I'm usually on in the evenings. I'm pretty decent at replying to a post in a timely manner, but sometimes life happens. If I can't reply for days, I'll be sure to let you know and I hope you do the same!

PM me for RP!

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