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About Me: I am an ENFP, curious, sneaky and imperfect. When I like something, I get rather intense about it. I am interested in Jung, psychology, sidereal astrology, ancient runes (Elder Futhark), alchemy, history of religious beliefs, quantum physics, philosophy of magic, and soul growth. I have my own theories about this stuff, but I am keen to learn about all beliefs and cultures. I love all forms of art.

Preferences: I am writing fantasy, 2-5 para. with lots of character development. I enjoy OOC plotting. Due to IRL and other commitments, the frequency of posts can vary from a few times a day (rare) to once a week (normal) or even slower (writer's block happens).

Current Status: catching up on replies and preparing the re-launch of the Tam'nýer—a': A Fantasy Oracle campaign on Kickstarter.

Rave Reviews

I'll speak with ('til now) unspoken fondness, great appreciation and regret, yet I only have 500 characters to describe it. What Dorian and I created in the past is unforgettable. I'll forever remember it with warm, sad fondness and I'll treasure it all. She's a good friend, incredibly creative and very fun to work with. It's been a long time since we last spoke, but she still holds a special place in my heart. Stay amazing, Dorian <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Queen_of_Hell
I'll say this again, Dorian is an absolute delight and I also look forward to writing with her and see what other mischievous things we can come up with. The writing chemistry I have with her is not something one can always find and given the fact how sometimes responsive we can be, we are unstoppable! Here's to more roleplays and delicious chaos we'll create! :3 <3 - Queen_of_Hell

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