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My pen name is Dorian Moreau and I am a messy human, a dubious Ravenclaw (yep! Potter fan, live with it!) and Tam'nýer—a' staff member. This part is most important, because Tam'nýer—a' is the best fantasy world for roleplay. We have a website full of original lore and amazing art, including 32 original Gods and Goddesses, and our own forums. We are a community of writers from around the world, and we write 2-5 paragraphs of fantasy, adventure, political intrigue, pirates and adventures at sea, wonderful continents filled with diverse cultures, magic, conflict and all sorts of messy and twisted plots. This group is 18+ and darker themes are welcome. We offer something for everyone, and we're pretty easygoing and open-minded. We also have a Discord group to actively stay in touch with each other. If you'd like to know more, PM me or visit our website here.

Rave Reviews

A writer with so much more going on under the surface than one might think, which is saying a lot considering she's got so much going on in view. Brilliant, kind, fun, energetic, her characters stay true to themselves while simultaneously growing and changing as a result of story. If you haven't asked to write with this engaging writer, pleade do yourself a favor and do so. - Kruhee
I honestly feel at most times that I cannot do Dorian justice with words. Dorian is a bright life in my life. She is the kind of friend who will support you in anything, even if she does not agree, she has the wisdom and heart to let you figure it out for yourself and without condemning. That's almost unheard of. She spreads her goodness around and applies herself fully to whatever she puts herself to. She is a force to be reckoned with. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Demilicious

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