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My pen name is Dorian Moreau and I am a messy human, a dubious Ravenclaw (yep! Potter fan, live with it!) and Tam'nýer—a' staff member. This part is most important, because Tam'nýer—a' is the best fantasy world for roleplay.

We have a website full of original lore and amazing art, including 32 original Gods and Goddesses, and our own forums. We are a community of writers from around the world, and we write 2-5 paragraphs of fantasy, adventure, political intrigue, pirates and adventures at sea, wonderful continents filled with diverse cultures, magic, conflict and all sorts of messy and twisted plots. This group is 18+ and darker themes are welcome. We offer something for everyone, and we're pretty easygoing and open-minded. We also have a Discord group to actively stay in touch with each other.

If you'd like to know more, PM me or visit our website here.

As for me, I have many original characters part of this world, and I am looking to write with these guys especially:

cIiSSIr.jpgBlaz’Mar is my most honorable character. Serious and hard-working, he is a Navy man tried and true. His more playful side is only visible when off duty and in the company of his older brother, Blaz’Kin, whom he likes to tease in true brotherly fashion. Blaz’Mar has been told that with his recent promotion and whatnot he would need to get proper housing in the metropolis of Püertagœ; he’s very conflicted about the need, and may be willing to “test” the waters first by renting a place during a leave period. Would your character be willing to have him as a temporary tenant? What if he rented the place next to your character’s home?

RGAnJWM.pngKhali is a recent character and hasn’t been written yet. He is a driven Nkhya'jra with a long family story and a huge heritage to live up to. He could be on his way to Fawzia-Kedet even now, on a secret mission, in the disguise of a merchant. However, he is truly a warrior and it’s not something he can easily hide. What would your character do if they met him? Would this spark an early conflict, or would your character sympathize with the Nkhya'jra cause and offer assistance?

NVZ7IOK.pngRuș’Zsa is your shameless sexy talented bartender in the 11th Ring of Püertagœ. Maybe he drew your character’s attention when they visited the tavern, or maybe there is something else afoot. Not many people know that he is actually the owner of The Grásh & Flame Inn, and so from a competitor trying to hire him off, or a ruthless supplier attempting intimidation, anything is possible. Your character may love him or hate him, but he aims to be memorable.

66j9ZmG.jpgSðren is a brand new character in honour of the Ãoni Week Pride, but he is nonetheless a lovely and colorful one. Albeit, some of the denizens of B'hărăbû may consider him a little touched in the head and try to take advantage of his naivety, maybe even enslave him or sell him off? He knows how to dance, and he is a sexy man if you ignore his bird feet, but he sees the world with different eyes than most people. Victim or not?

6LW310G.jpgSur'Ran is a gentle Khah’ healer who recently moved to Püertagœ. Maybe your character needs some proper medicine or care? His bedside manner is lovely, I promise, and your character may discover hidden depths. At the very least, they’ll get healthy again. Or maybe your character is an apothecary, and supplying Sur'Ran with what he needs? If he comes to trust, he may let people into his private life, and that is an interesting ride.

C2oVXLa.jpgYūgen, the poor bastard, is on a pirate ship and still trying to deal with the bounty on his head. Would your character try to turn him in, or assist? He is a lovable miscreant, and a major womanizer, but a good friend and a trustworthy man to have in one’s crew on a ship, or as part of a mercenary team. When push comes to shove, Yūgen would rather die with a smile than abandon a mate, and so he’s invaluable in a fight. But let’s say he’s an acquired taste. He’s also a non believer, and so please could someone teach him about the Gods?

HCYX7P1.jpgZmeu is … well, he’s a bastard alright. Misogynistic and stubborn, he’s nonetheless a beautiful animal and a good pirate. He’s currently attempting to tame a female Captain, but that may as well turn against him and so who knows what the future holds? If banter and male-female antagonism is your jam, there may be hope for him yet. Or maybe your character is just another bloodthirsty pirate and they’ll make stupendous mates?

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I'm just plotting, atm, with DorianM. And she can spoil a person simply by showing off her wonderful characters! She's a generous person with her raffles when she has them, and one can get easily drawn in when reading about her characters. She's gotten me to bring a semi old OC of mine up onto RPR, and test his stubbornness against her own OC's. I'm excited to see where our rp will lead! Thank you DorianM for also brightening my day with your kindness! ^-^ - Winters_Fury
Ghal'Liem (played by DorianM)
Ghal'Liem is a treasure upon this Earth, as well as Tam'nýer—a'. Ghal'Liem is an old soul, pure, talented, and worlds reside within him. One cannot help but feel a calm, as well as warmth when engaging with this character that is so intricately and serenely portrayed. He is positively a delight and one deserving of much high praise. <3 - Demilicious

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