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Dorian in C'eröd as written by Demi (thank you! <3) and Moreau Coat of Arms, commission by Auberon

Tam'nýer—a': I write mainly for Tam'nýer—a', where I am also a moderator and lore maker. This lovely fantasy world has captured my heart and I have quite a few characters playing there! <3

Aeromore: With Mel, we are building (albeit slowly) this steampunk fantasy group. It's a lot of work, and we are both quite busy, so bear with us. My characters for this group are also work in progress and not open to write with.

Rave Reviews

Isvarah (played by DorianM)
Perhaps one of the more unique characters I've played with, Isvarah is always beautifully written to his character no matter the circumstances. Strong, fearsome, strangely subtle. One might not even realize what is going on until he's already 12 steps ahead. I always look forward to a post from this character written so delightfully well. - Kruhee
Yugen (played by DorianM)
It's hard to find the right words to describe this character, they belong in a league of their own. written by a writer who has always has created something absolutely delightful, seeing them come to life in play is an absolute treat. Growing, changing, evolving, addicting and as always true to the character and I find myself addictively wondering, what's to come? - Kruhee

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