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☽ ☲Introduction☲ ☾

Hello and welcome to my profile page. My name is Dorian, I am currently 19(20 in june) and female. I am living on the west coast with my family while I work towards joining the military(once the quarentine is over anyway). Until then I roleplay and work whatever odd jobs I can find. Beyond roleplay I enjoy taking evening walks, reading about philosophy(just getting into this one), story driven video games, and plenty of other things. I am a Gemeni(not that I give this much credit) and my Pottermore houses are Hufflepuff/Slytherin and Thunderbird. My favorite music type is soft rock, indie, folk, and 80s/90s.

As a person I can be very plain and quiet, but a lot of the more interesting aspects of me go down in my head. I am a thinker and I value that greatly. Initially I am a straight forward and reserved individual but I will warm up to those I choose in a reasonable amount of time. Take no offense if I choose not to be socialable, I honestly am more geared towards working on roleplays and the task at hand than making friends.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to working with you.

☽ ☲Roleplay Info☲ ☾

Literacy level - Literate to adv. literate, occasional mistakes as I write fast.
Genres of interest - Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Action Adventure, Survival.
Open Spots - 4/5
Post Schedule - 1-2 times a day or every other day(depends on partner's replies as well).

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