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Hello all! I'm not used to doing introductions/bios but I'll do it so my profile is just plain and empty.

I've been rping for a couple of years now and I love it. I like playing adventure games like Skyrim, Tomb Raider, the Assassins's Creed series, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, and many more!

A few shows that I watch include~
Steven Universe~Have seen all episodes
Impractical Jokers
The Misery Index~Hilarious
The Amazing World of Gumball
Forged in Fire
Gravity Falls
Parker Plays
Player Select
Big City Greens
And more!

Some stuff about me~
I'm pretty relaxed about most subjects but I don't like people being rude for no reason(OOC).
I support LGBTQ+.
I'm often okay with doing what others would like in an rp.
Most of the time I can be pretty bubbly and cheery; other times...not so much.
I like nature like trees and landscapes.
I love to draw but the only thing I can freely draw is eyes in an anime-ish style.
I love, love, love, to listen to music.
I like browsing cool pictures and memes on Pinterest.

The site I use for music is Audiomack.

Um...That's all I can think of right now! I might put more info on here at a later date.

Also, thanks for reading and have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

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