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Quick tip for rping with me: If I don't respond fast, I might not be enjoying the RP too much. And give me stuff to work with! I will do a one-liner if I don't know what to do in our rp, because you know, I'm struggling to come up with stuff.

Facts about me:
My Zodiac is Cancer (Cancer is a receptive and highly sensitive sign, capable of huge empathy. The Crab cuts to the chase. Giving oodles of love, care and reassurance when required. Moody and unfathomable, maybe…But win Cancer’s trust and you ensure a lifetime of friendship and support.)

I love writing stories and drawing animals
I'm autistic, I have ADHD and Aspergers.
I consider myself emotionally fragile, I can literally be crying one second, laugh the next, then go back to crying.
I love most animals, but I have a phobia of all insects and spiders.

Current mood: Yeet

Rave Reviews

I have not played with Dragon, but I can say a few things from seeing them around. Things that need to be said. They are sweet, they are generous, they are kind, they are a great, no.. a fabulous member of the RPR community who we are all lucky to have here. <3 - Kruhee
Dragon is a very sweet, kindhearted person who truly does know how to put a smile on your face. They are always ready to give credit where they think credit is do and never afraid to do something they think might make the community a little bit better. Helpful Great sense of humor - Kruhee

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