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Hi! I've been roleplaying since I was 13, starting on Neopets, which I have grown out of. I love a lot of animals, not just dragons and cats. Owls, wolves...other birds of prey, canines, felines, etc. I'm a fan of medieval fantasy as well. I'm mostly a Nintendo gamer, I love Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Legend of Zelda. My first gaming love was Spyro though.

As far as books go, I used to read Redwall a lot. I RPed Warrior cats back in the day on Neopets. Anything by Rick Riordan, can't go wrong with him. Guardians of Gahoole made me love owls. Also, Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland. I frequent the juvenile/young adult section of the local library, it tends to have the best stuff imo. I will read and enjoy books for adults on occasion though.

Movies, I love How to Train Your Dragon, and pretty much anything like it. Not into Star Wars or superhero movies though, idk why, I just never found them interesting.

Rave Reviews

Dragon cats the bomb. She Litteraly gave me free art. Free art! And I loved it! I'm so glad you did that for me! But anyways, she is many other things too. Creative for one. Intelligent, fun, entertaining..... she's great at anything and everything. Thanks Dragon! (◐”¿â—‘) - Holly-Leaf
Full of cleverness and good ideas, Dragoncat is very creative and a cool person overall! - Ilmarinen

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