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I am known as Draconic, or Draken901 on plaza. If you are an aquaintance I've met on there, do feel free to say Hello.

Well, hello there. I am Draken901. My favorite type of RP is fantasy, and this is my profile.

The World of Sairia Group Link : gID=1399

Carmina Cogitationibus

"My mind contains limitless and boundless ideas and subjects seemingly no one else has thought up. I dearly want to put these ideas into action, so that others as well as I may enjoy them. However, learning anything pertaining to creating of such works, is rather hard, and in my current life, it is difficult enough to try to do so. I am currently learning one language, but even then, I struggle as to how to create things in the language of machines. And there is also the fact, will I ever be able to use or make such things in a timely manner?"

"How my will, mind, and passion burns with the want to do such things. To create vivid and strange places possibly no one will ever get to see. Things like making The World of Sairia, Hajal, The New World, A Tale of Two, and other things of Sar'Do'Ken a physical place in media to explore and experience. To make things of that caliber is a thing I desire dearly. If only, I knew how to do it correctly. If only I knew how. That is the only barrier stopping me from creating these wondrous dreams no else dares to dream. I want to do these things, yet I can not. At least not now. I do not want to spend my days in a normal line like everyone else. I want to bring new, beautiful, and interesting things to the table! So... what will my destiny be? What will my destiny be..."

- A Time, by Ovieyus, Whuu-Mayt-Et

"In a place alone and surreal, there exists an island surrounded in a boundless sea of brilliant sky. The embodiment of infinite imagination and creativity. In the empty air, lies a cold, but beautiful island. The embodiment of a safe and wondrous place, for a single soul and mind. And on that island is an intelligent thing. The embodiment of a soul and mind, ultimately from another world. Who troubles and toils, and wastes away, but yearns to create. This is his paradise.

A place of solace it is, as well as comfort and calmness. Even the ice-topped mountains utter no legible words, for the intelligent thing wants to be alone, but not disconnected. Un-bothered, but not stranded. It wants to be alone, in the comfort of the cool meadows and fern-wilds, free from time, and free to leave unto it once again. The cold itself of the island, stops the flow of time, the vile reaper and ruiner, and preserves and restores whatever might enter it's aura. The intelligent thing is unaffected by time here, for it holds no grasp on this serene place. Those who leave the island, shall return to time the same as they left, for not one second has passed. The intelligent thing makes sure of it."

- Lonesome Paradise, by Ovieyus, Whuu-Mayt-Et

"Procrastination, laziness, and desire. The three great barriers which limit humankind's ability. If only they could be uplifted from these horrible plagues, they could transcend to a greater level of awe inspiring wonder, efficiency, and unity never seen before. Ironic, is it not? That I too have succumbed to such, just by writing this?"

- The Three Barriers, by Ovieyus, Whuu-Mayt-Et

"It's about time I got a face of my own... Pitch black, endless void. Waiting to be filled with creation. Sitting, and surrounding patiently, a mysterious being who has the keys to do so. Stopped only by the ever expanding bounds of their own imagination..."

Rave Reviews

  • This one is a brilliant well of inspiration. It's always lovely and insightful to read over his new worldbuilding ideas and projects. The advice he gives out is also a boon for those looking to tweak their settings a bit. I really appreciate talking and brainstorming...
    -- LightSide-Lucree
  • Have you roleplayed with this guy? His topic is amazing and detailed with endless ideas. I can go on and on. He's great at narrating the stories we play out in World of Sahara (however you spell it) and flawless and endless in ideas. Roleplaying with this guy is...
    -- SmewQueen

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