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Likes: Roleplaying, Video Games, Minecraft, art (in any form)
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I am looking for an indepth story, with romance, not cyber. I dont mind sex scenes, and I can get downright freaky with it. But I DO NOT CYBER.

As for ideas I'd like something long term. I want to have fun with it, be it fantasy or modern. I've never played Scifi, but I'm open to the idea. I"m always up for a good horror story, and if you can genuinely freak me out, I'll love you forever.

I do not force writing. I'm not going to make myself write 3 paragraphs unless the scene calls for it. I do not tolerate one liners. My minimum is 3 lines, and three GOOD lines. Dialogue has a habit of eating up creative thinking, and I do not apply that rule to talking.

I am not putting myself on a pedestal, and I will knock you off yours if you story to stand on one. I am curtious, I am blunt, and I try not to be rude. I prefer to talk about ideas, rather than assuming anything. If you want to have a good story, lets talk about it.

I am not elite, and I don't like those who call themselves elite. Roleplaying is for fun, not hardcore rules layers. Treat me with respect, give me the benefit of the doubt, and I will do the same. And if you flake on me then I don't really care to talk about it any more.

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Mana (played by Drayle88)
Made completely of Mana?! That's freaking AWESOME :D - Jetticus
Although quite new, he has jumped right in to the thick of things. He totally "gets" the vibe on the site, is super positive, enthusiastic about trying RPs with new people, goofy, and great at helping us to carry on our OOC theater of the absurd. I'm so glad he's joined the site and is playing with us! You're awesome, Drayle. :D - Kim

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