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Likes: Roleplaying, Video Games, Minecraft, art (in any form)
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I am looking for an indepth story, with romance, not cyber. I dont mind sex scenes, and I can get downright freaky with it. But I DO NOT CYBER.

As for ideas I'd like something long term. I want to have fun with it, be it fantasy or modern. I've never played Scifi, but I'm open to the idea. I"m always up for a good horror story, and if you can genuinely freak me out, I'll love you forever.

I do not force writing. I'm not going to make myself write 3 paragraphs unless the scene calls for it. I do not tolerate one liners. My minimum is 3 lines, and three GOOD lines. Dialogue has a habit of eating up creative thinking, and I do not apply that rule to talking.

I am not putting myself on a pedestal, and I will knock you off yours if you story to stand on one. I am curtious, I am blunt, and I try not to be rude. I prefer to talk about ideas, rather than assuming anything. If you want to have a good story, lets talk about it.

I am not elite, and I don't like those who call themselves elite. Roleplaying is for fun, not hardcore rules layers. Treat me with respect, give me the benefit of the doubt, and I will do the same. And if you flake on me then I don't really care to talk about it any more.

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Returning kudos given to me, Drayle88 is an awesome person, and fun to rp with! We had a confusing start but now that everything is straightened out, I couldn't be more happier! I never know what sort of shenanigans our characters will get into next XD - Jello_Monsta
Tenacious about getting into the community and starting a game :P His character is interesting and already fun to play with. - f0x1nth3b0x

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