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mae || 24 || pisces || things i like (POTENTIAL NSFW)
♡ beauxbatons || house martell || fairy irl ♡
a very tired league of legends addict

So the girl is as clever as she is pretty.
I'm Dream and I'm a busy person IRL that loves writing and role-play when she has the time. You could summon me via pentagram with: iced coffee, dewy lipgloss, glittery perfume bottles, promises of thigh squeezes and a place to nap. I like shiny things like gems, crystals, and sequins. I'd sleep in a bed of flowers under thousands of stars. These aesthetics tend to creep into the characters I make, and more often than not, they're magical. If you'd like to interact with one of my magical babes, I'm flattered.

i love ariana grande with all my heart

i'm an "extroverted introvert" which means i do love being overtly social but like a battery it has to recharge. i love getting to know people, being amongst a crowd and talking to others, but eventually, i'll need to retreat to my little fairy room and take time to myself. i have a penchant for pastels and pinks and rose gold. i love make-up, manicures, and getting my hair done. take me out for sushi, gyro, or burritos and i will follow you to the ends of the earth like that stray cat you just fed. i'm one of the "sheep" that likes pop music, writes/studies to lo-fi chill hip-hop playlists, and cranks up anything with a beat (rap included) during workouts or cleaning. but! believe it or not, i have favorite songs of all genres. i have OST playlists from video games, movies, and anime i like to write to just as well.

i'm mostly a chill and memey individual but if i'm passionate about something i will spout my opinion on it. i will tell you to your face if i don't like something.

i'm a sucker for the notion of "girl power" and women supporting women in general. unless you're a jerk, count me out. otherwise i will usually fight pretty hard for other ladies out there. this is what growing up on sailor moon has done to me.
please be aware:
I have priorities IRL and other hobbies I like to indulge aside from RP. Sometimes I will respond the same day, sometimes it might take me a week or two. I don't treat this as my job. If you're looking for someone to reply every day or every two days, I might not be the partner for you. Group role-plays will always have precedence over the 1x1 as a general courtesy.

reply status.
Out of town due to personal reasons for several days. Thank you for your understanding.


open characters.
etoile, nysphina, quinzel




Seeking 》♥
♥ Please Read ♥

The friendly and approachable. I'm sorry, but if your profile seems at all patronizing or written to deter people, I am likely one of the individuals to lose interest. There is a difference between requests for standards and just being a jerk.

-- ♥ --

Multi-para, novella, and literate writers. I prefer multi-para to novella, it's really dependent on the scene and your preference. I like flowery prose as much as the next person, but if two entire paragraphs are nothing but waxing poetic it's a bit of an eyesore. Mostly, I ask for dedication to your best grammar and spelling. I will try to only give you my best and I ask for the same in kind.

-- ♥ --

The understanding. Role-play is done for fun and that is how I will always treat it. Sometimes a reply will not come the same day, either because I'm tired from work, life in general, or I'm just not feeling up to it. You won't wait longer than a week or so, and never a month. So please, be patient. You might see me being social somewhere else on the site, but that's a totally different energy than role-playing. I might even have more inspiration for a different thread than the one we currently have going and that is fine. It doesn't mean I enjoy our story any less, it just means I want to be in the right mindset or else I'll send you a subpar response.

-- ♥ --

R u l e s 》♥
♥ Please Read ♥

1.) Be patient. I love to RP and write, but it's not all I love doing. I have other hobbies, games I'm playing, and shows I like to watch. (that I try super hard not to binge in one sitting lmao) If you've written me something particularly long, it may take a day or two to respond because I want to reply with something that reciprocates your effort. Badgering me for responses isn't cool. I will never ever pressure you to reply, I expect the same courtesy.

2.) Communicate with me! Whether it's about the plot, development, or something else pivotal to the role-play, don't be afraid to write to me about it. We're RP partners, which implies a partnership. If you misunderstood something or if you're going to be on hiatus, please let me know!

3.) Be 18+!I will happily chat with 18+. If you're under 18 years of age, I apologize, but my DMs and friends list are not available to you. I won't ignore you in public threads, I just don't want to privately chat with minors. I can't stress that it's nothing personal, but it definitely has a lot to do with my current work.

4.) No politics, site drama, or drama with another user. I will never discuss politics or currently topical issues on any thread or groups on the site. I will likely not tell you my political alignment. I'm also not super interested in threads or situations mired in drama amongst other users so please don't drag me into them. Please respect my wishes, I'm just here to write magical babes. ♥

5.) Be friendly with me! Okay this isn't so much a rule as it is a suggestion, but I encourage you to chat me up and try to make friends with me. I will absolutely return the efforts. I find it very difficult to write with people I can't have fun with beyond the characters. Send me memes about our characters (or memes in general), tell me books to read or shows to watch, places you've been and whatever else comes to mind.

-- ♥ --

Genres& Themes 》♥
♥ Please Read ♥

Give me a world where mystical creatures and beings exist, where physics is often subverted because of magic, things that cannot be for us are the norm for them. Show me graceful elves and fey, show me savage beasts of the night that stalk towns and villages. This is my comfort zone and my most preferred genre of writing and RP. My girls are usually written for it. I do have some stipulations though:

• Though I love magic, I write it as a finite and exhaustive resource because I do like to humor "realism" in fantasy settings. It won't always be the band-aid fix or the grand answer. As an example, healing magic might come at a cost to its user who mends their ally to a point of overexertion. The fire mage is weakest in places surrounded by water or snow.

• I can do fantasy in modern, medieval, Renaissance and Victorian settings. I have a preference for medieval and Renaissance, but Victorian and modern can be done with a little coaxing. I don't have an issue with either of these two, it's just that I have the most experience in the others. I also don't mind timelines where the periods are bit blurred.

• I know first appearances would have you think I'm all flowers and stars and soft things, but I can handle some darkness in my stories. I grew up on Berserk, loved ASOIAF/GOT and other similar stories. All I ask is that you don't needlessly throw in your gore for the sake of shock value.

-- ♥ --

Let's send our characters on a quest! The extent of it can be discussed, but I love stories where they encounter different cultures and venture to new lands. Most of my characters are written as vagrants for this to be ideal, but I'm open to discussing ways the others can be talked into leaving home. Whether the goal is to retrieve a lost relic or rescue a captured being or individual, let the journey be the most memorable of it all.

I am totally fine with taking something from a page in d&d or other sources of adventure/fantasy. Inspiration's not a sin! So long as we put our own spin on it.

-- ♥ --

As much as I love the old conflict of "good vs evil" I've really come to prefer situations of moral ambiguity. Some of my characters try their best to see the good in everyone, some of them believe you can coax the bad out of them with the right temptations and circumstances. Let's challenge our characters in what's right and what's wrong, shatter what they've known and reveal hard truths. ♥

-- ♥ --

I'm a hopeless romantic, so naturally, this is a favorite. I will totally admit I'm more enticed to a story if there are romantic elements sprinkled in there. To clarify, I don't want it to dominate the story. It should be the seasoning to the meat and potatoes because if done right, it adds depth and complexity to the narrative. I don't mind "shipping" characters, but if you blatantly try to speed to it in the story, I will probably lose interest. If the goal of the romance was smut, I'll probably end the role-play.

-- ♥ --

This isn't necessarily a genre, but I still think it's important to point out. As fun as romance is, platonic relationships and friendships are just as (if not more) enjoyable and fulfilling to write. Even if our characters are friends, let them hug and laugh, fight until they're sobbing and apologizing like idiots.

Regarding NSFW & "Smut" 》♥
♥ Please Read ♥

You got me. I like writing smut. Even years later this is still a controversial topic in the RP world, but simply put, I think so long as it's done between two adults and wasn't forced, it's not that big of a deal. I do have some ground rules specifically for writing smut to lay down, though.

I.) Don't force it. If it will happen, let it happen organically. I'm not super interested in writing smut one-shots. If that's your thing, totally cool. It's just not mine and I don't want different tastes forced on me.

II.) Don't beg me or pressure me for it. If it happens even once, you're blocked. Sorry not sorry. This is totally unacceptable behavior. If you need to get your rocks off that bad stop bothering random people on the internet and take care of it somewhere else.

III.) The smut is between our characters, not us. Please don't tell me what you may or may not have been doing while we were writing said material. I really don't want to know and I don't need to. Like the above, I will block you the first time it happens.

IIII.) All of it will be consensual. I do not, have not, and will not ever write rape. Do not rape my characters. I don't need to explain myself further than that.



my promise to you

I will never guilt you into replies, even if I see you active elsewhere. Whether you're just not feeling it or you don't presently have the muse, you don't even need to explain yourself. I'm not a nagging employer that demands your absolute time and focus at all hours of the day or night. I will always encourage you to write what you want with who you want, even if it isn't with me. If you just want to chat as friends and not RP for a while? That's totally fine, too. ♥


Rave Reviews

Mae is a real gem. Her characters are all well thought out with a lot of stats and background on them. Her replies? They are one of the ones I look forward to the most. Mae has a way of squeezing in the little details that really bring a story to life. Every response it's like I can see our story unfolding in my mind. 20/10 would recommend. You won't be disappointed. - Doomsday_Brethren
Peachcakes is a wonderful writer and a kind, giving person, and I'm so happy to be able to write and chat with her on RP Repository. - Yimby

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