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Not really much to tell

Apologies to my RP partners as at times it might look as speeding things up but just let me know sometime i get too exited and my adhd goes nuts. Please just let me know, there is no issue on it.

    I love to paint
    I love listening to music (A little of everything)
    I am absolutely NOT a morning person
    I watch an unhealthy amount of shows at the same time

Rave Reviews

DreamGirl makes for a great friend! She is kind, loving and understanding. She also shows a compassion that I rarely see. She's always ready for a chat and manages keep it engaging and fun! As a Role-Player, she isn't afraid to try new things and even created an awesome character based on a half joke I told. Extremely adaptable and flexible, just ask her if you want to try something & she's open to trying. You don't want to miss out RPing with DreamGirl. Look her up. ^_^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - -Knight-

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