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frat boy incarnate
caribou coast manager qABSLBG.png

some of my characters have been put on the shelf, i have put those on anon. they will stay that way until further notice, but feel free to plot with the ones you see listed.


Rave Reviews

  • You find out quickly that any intimidation you feel about Duck is absolutely ridiculous because there's a sweet soul and creative mind here that absolutely deserves to be explored and loved. My favorite thing about this little quacker is that Kayl is real....
    -- pockets
  • Kayla's more than a clever twist of php on some site: beyond the cool, witty characters, grit teeth and ironic humour, there's this incredible, layered and funny soul with a kind and genuine heart that just bursts into your inbox with twisted whimsy and sunshine. keep doin u sunshine!
    -- Fiebs

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