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i am officially back from hiatus
thanks to izzy
i am currently revamping my profile, so hang in there!



I n f o r m a t i o n

❁ N a m e } My trans name is Ashir, so please call me that.
❁ G e n d e r } Untransitioned FTM Transgender (working on it...)
❁ A g e } Classified, but it's somewhere between 13 - 17
❁ R e l a t i o n s h i p S t a t u s } Currently single and not actively looking. I just want cuddles and kisses without any strings attached.
❁ S e x u a l i t y } My exact label which I feel comfortable with is pansexual panromantic, however I'm still questioning the sexual part. This mean I am both sexually and romantically attracted to cisgendered people, transgender people, non-binary people, genderfluid people, gender questioning people,, etc.
❁ S i z e } Very skinny, underweight, quite short. I'm trying to build some weight, aha.
❁ H a i r } Aburn/Ginger with brown and blonde streaks, it goes down past my shoulders. Also, all natural. I am getting it cut super short tho.
❁ E y e s } Blueish Grey, very dull and honestly boring.
❁ C o m p l e x i o n } Pure pale. I look like a ghost when I'm ill
❁ O r i g i n / H a b i t a t } Scotland, UK, EU.

F a c t s

✿ I have an insane fear of doctors, also known as iatrophobia, and it's pretty petrifying.
✿ I was born as a biological girl, but I am a Female To Male (FTM) Transgender, meaning that I identify as the opposite sex I was born as, making me a male.
✿ I once wrote this confession letter with six paragraphs with a different language for each one for my best friend, and she couldn't figure it out so I just gave her the translation, only to be met with a VERY NICE embrace and her saying she loved me too.
This is the effor=purple]t I go through to express my crush on people.
✿ I love anime.
✿ I was vegetarian for a while before finding out I had to go to eating meat as I didn't have enough vitamins in my body and was becoming ill. Woohoo.
- Warning: The next few things are issues I would prefer not to come up into conversations. I wish to keep these to myself, but I feel like it's only right if people are wanting to know what is wrong with me from time to time. I am usually very bright and like a ball of sunshine, but everyone has those days, so here are a few issues which might trigger them. -
✿ My parents are split and divorced.
✿ I have depression, anxiety and other shit like that but I can easily hide it.
✿ I may suffer from dissociative identity disorder, so be aware. I have not been diagnosed yet, it is a work in progress. It's just a warning.
✿ I have previously been seriously anorexic.
✿ I have been in hospital many times from my own doing.
✿ I used to deal with self harming and many friends that also self harm.

- Okay sensitive stuff over -
✿ I'm actually pretty happy with my life.
✿ I'm gonna be either a graphic designer, a video games designer/tester or a vet when I graduate.
✿ My favourite colors are all pastel colors. My favourite SHADE however, is obviously black.
✿ My favourite bands/singers are TØP, Melanie Martinez, P!ATD, FOB, Halsey, Set It Off, Linkin Park, Marina and the Diamonds, Bring Me The Horizon and Florence and the Machine.
✿ My favourite food is chocolate cake
✿ I have four cats, two at my mums who are Moomin and Patches, and two others at my dads who are Raul and Lexi
✿ I play the ukulele and sing and apparently I'm pretty good at them.

C h a r a c t e r s

I have quite a few kids, and most of them are actually unfinished. Their profiles are pretty bare because I love to give them all unique styles. For example, I set Lovelle's profile out like a computer database because she's a hacker (that took me three hours btw. It's torture I frickin swear). I take my time with their profiles, so even some of my older characters are no where near done. You can easily tell who are my favourites, but here's a list anyway ^^

Finished Characters (although I am always revamping profiles. No character is ever fully done.)
|| Tiffany
|| Lovelle
|| Sammy

Currently, most of them are stand-alones, but if you do a role play with them, I will likely shape their backstory to match the roleplay. I will also usually update their relationship status if we do a romance roleplay. I act like they're obviously 'alive', always updating their profiles.

The art on the profiles are usually from the internet, but I'm pretty picky.
I'm actually looking for some people maybe to do some art if they want to for some characters? I'm going to eventually get around to doing my own art, but my drawing tablet is currently broken and in for repairing for the next couple of months and it's driving me pretty crazy that I don't have any custom art.
Just PM me if you'd like to do some art for some characters ^^
I'm mainly looking for some art of:

|| Joshua
|| Sammy
|| Chase

F r i e n d s


T h e B e s t O n e
Now, this girl right here is SO AMAZING, I literally cannot explain it in words. She's honestly like a sibling to me, and I certainly treat and love her like one. She's honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I'm so happy I've met her online, and I'm so excited to meet her in real life too! I even showed how much I love her by writing her a song (she said she liked it aha). Stay gay-loving, Izzy! I love you so much. More than you know. <3

T h e F a r A w a y O n e
Ah. I've got to say, this girl right here is one of the best people I've met over the internet, even though she's a little rusty here and there. I act like the oil, and I pray that she believes that I keep her going as much as I can too. Love you, Penny. You're incredible. <3

T h e H a p p y O n e
Now this guy right here just usually makes me cry. From the RP responses, to the amazing OOC chats and advice he gives me, he feels like the big brother I wish I had. He's so supportive of me too, and I'm so happy he's sticking by me through whatever he'll I get myself into. Love ya, Noe! You're amazing. <3

T h e A w k w a r d O n e
This boi right here is still insisting he's not remotely gay. Kans is soooo convinced we can't get him to turn even possibly bisexual, even though he knows the amount of gay power we wield. We'll get you eventually! Love ya, pokemon weirdo! <3

T h e O t h e r O n e
Now this girl right here I know in real life. I've known her for a long, long time, and we even got the point of dating, which was cool. We chilled it down, but I'm so happy it hasn't affected the incredible friendship we have. Nova's amazing, and I love her so much. Stay awesome! <3

T h e H a p p i e r O n e
Oh, my god. This YOUNG ADULT right here acts like a TWO YEAR OLD and it makes me so happy XD we're the gay squad, and I cannot express how much I love this guy. As much as his gayness shines, I guess! He's super amazing, and I sadly haven't RPed with him yet. But, I hope to fix that soon, and stay gay, Oak! Love ya, gayo!! <3

T h e B l u n t O n e
This kid right here is like, the smartest yet most blunt person I've ever met in my entire life. He's basically your reality check, and will gladly remind you how much the world is screwed him. He says he's bisexual, but we alllll know he's gay. You can't fight it, Ryker. No matter how weird this kid is, and how much we playfully insult each other, I hate to admit it, but I love you, Rykes! Stay weird, and have fun with a certain someone ;D

T h e M o t h e r l y O n e
This girl is AMAZING!! She only recently joined, but I've heard so much about her, and she's snuck onto her brothers account on here many a times before, and she claims she's adopted me. So that she has. She's amazing, and even though I've barely known her for like, a week, I love you, Avi!! <3

T h e D r e a m i n g O n e
Right, this Rae person right here is AMAZING! Not just with her roleplaying, but I must say, that is incredible! Her personality is so beautiful, and she is honestly one of the most amazing people I've ever met over the internet. Lova ya, Rae! <3

T h e U n d e r s t a n d i n g O n e
Travis gets it, like oh, my god, you would not believe. I can relate to him on so many levels, it's insane, and he has like, the best roleplaying ideas and skills ever too! I cannot wait to RP more, and here's to more amazing rps in the future! I love you, Trav!! <3

T h e S h a d o w e d O n e

T h e R e l a t a b l e O n e

T h e M o o n

T h e S u n


duckling_'s Characters

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Rave Reviews

*feeds bread* Sorry ;-;

ANYWAYY! Ash fern over here is one of the random-est people I've ever met! They're such a great person to talk and roleplay with, and they'll never make you bored!

Have to give props to all of his characters too! They're fabulous, Ash! :D

--Izzy Iz Iz - irritatedinc
Ahh Lexi!! What to say about her?
Well, lemme start with her roleplays. Lexi is just amazing when it comes to roleplaying! She interacts with her character and others just perfectly, sometimes even leaving me starstruck from her posts! She uses many comedic events, but can easily, and swiftly, turn the corner to make the mood seem far more tense, which is really amazing, to say the least. She's such a sweet and funny person, and I highly recommend roleplaying with her.
Lots of love, Lex! ^^ - _iNk3d

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