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My One True Bae 💘

All of my listed characters are available to be considered for plots. I work full time, so please understand I can't always get a post back quickly. If you see a character that interests you, feel free to drop me a message!

I don't accept random friend requests. Apologies in advance!

I am not officially open for template commissions, so you wont find any official sheet. That being said, if you ask, I'll certainly see what I can do to fit you in and discuss putting one together. Feel free to message me if you would like one or even if you have any questions about getting something to work!

Rave Reviews

Rory (played by Dug)
Rory is one of those characters that seems like he'd be generic. But just like all the rest of Kim's characters, he has such surprising, easy depth of character that it's impossible not to want to know more. He comes off as this calloused, distrusting individual, but it's only because he's protective of himself in a real and gritty way that you can't help but sympathize with. There is so much more to this character than meets the eye, so don't waste another second! Rp with him! - emily
Dug, who I dumb "kimbur, kimboo or kimbo" is one of my favorite people for sure. She is incredibly friendly and such an amazing writer. I had the pleasure of watching our characters develop a beautiful friendship that I still find myself longing for -- Kim! I'm coming back for more of that beautiful roleplay of yours. - 13ee

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