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I have been enjoying my RPs with Victor! Such a well put together character and interesting stories behind him! If you get a chance to write rp in a story with Victor, I can say it is likely to be a good one! - Deumeawyn
A wonderful world builder with rich unique characters. Never a dull moment in a role-play with him! - Jabem

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  • Stormfrost gave DukeKagan kudos:
    This man has been a breathe of fresh air for me ever since I met him. He's an amazing writer, and he brings so much passion and excitement to our roleplay. I enjoy talking to him, and he's the type of person whom I have felt comfortable with from the beginning. Thank you, for being such a good friend in the time I honestly need it the most. I appreciate you, and your honesty and kindness. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 1 week 4 days ago)
  • DukeKagan gave Ranees kudos!
    "I started my first rp with Ranees a while ago and it was going so great that when she came to me with another rp idea, I couldn't say no. Both rps are great because of her as we continue to build those worlds. Creative ideas Concise posts"
    DukeKagan also gave kudos to Stormfrost.(About 2 weeks 19 hours ago)
  • DukeKagan befriended Stormfrost(About 3 weeks 4 days ago)
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