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Hello and welcome to my profile. I am always looking for new adult rps and if you are interested in those. I will warn you that I'm looking for only female partners and characters. I'm sorry, but I have no interest in men or male characters in rp.

My rps have smut and combat in them, but the story does take priority. I do not fade to black and if that's a problem, sorry, but I'm not changing that.

If you are playing anonymous, that's fine, but I will ask your age as I've been tricked on this site twice. I will turn you in if I find out that you are under 18. I will not rp with anyone under 18.

I only rp in third person. I apologize about that, but I'm just not into first person.

I understand that life happens and if you have to end or leave a rp with me, please tell me. If we lasted that long that means I enjoyed the rp. If you ghost me, again life happens, I will keep the rp and await your return.

If you ghost me a second time, the rp will end and you will be blocked.

I have made some amazing friends on here and always looking to make more.

In closing, life is hard, I get that more than most, but if you ever need to talk, about anything, just shoot me a PM. We are all in this world together and we need to help each other.

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My RP with Duke has been extremely fun so far - his writing is well thought out, his characters believable, and even though we have no real set plot in mind, I just know we'll come up with something as we go. He's just that good of a partner. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ramika
Okay, this guy is absolutely detailed and sweet ever! Even though we haven't spoken or roleplayed that long he surely has been the most wonderful experience so far! I believe that anyone who roleplays with him even if it's just starting like him and I are like right now, will adore anything that happens. Don't miss the chance to ask this man to roleplay! - CrystalFlare134

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