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He is a very nice rper, and very understanding about posting times and such. Never hesitates to ask a question, or answer a question! - MercyInReach
Such a gifted writer with really interesting characters! I always enjoy roleplaying with DukeKagan, and definitely encourage you to jump at the chance to develop a story with him! - CrimsonKnight

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  • Ramika gave DukeKagan kudos:
    My RP with Duke has been extremely fun so far - his writing is well thought out, his characters believable, and even though we have no real set plot in mind, I just know we'll come up with something as we go. He's just that good of a partner. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    3 weeks ago
  • DukeKagan befriended Morrigan4 weeks ago
  • Anonymous gave DukeKagan kudos:
    I absolutely love my RP with Duke. The replies are well thought out, and I appreciate the thought behind his posts and character. I am looking forward to how the story progresses. Yay! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    1 month ago
  • DukeKagan befriended PermanentReverie1 month ago
  • DukeKagan started a new forum topic: Adult Rps 2.0 (closed)1 month ago