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"You see your pet as a small part of your world. To your pet, you are the entire world."

Adult (20+) | GMT+2 | Semi-open | RP Info 🐙
You can call me Lee, Leo, Tavi, or Boggles. I'm an a Slavic fella with some German roots. GNC guy, and an Inclusionist. I'm also a member of The Easel, a PG-13 art group.
⁝ About me 🦑
  • No matter if you want to RP, chat, or vent, my DMs are open! I'm more than happy to worldbuild and get creative together, nerd over something, discuss/debate, share experiences, explain something, educate myself, idk. I am not scared of sudden walls of text, I even like them!
  • I wanted to verify my age, but the service doing that does not support my country. Contacted RPR staff, they sadly couldn't do anything about that.
  • Do point out my English writing mistakes & possible miscommunications. It helps me improve.
  • ⁝ Stuff I like
    • Interests: Drawing, horseriding, studying, physical activities, nature, Mariana's Trench, metal music, witchcraft practices, spirituality, tarot cards, game development, worldbuilding, therian/otherkin culture
    • Media: Animal Crossing, ENA, Star Stable, Stardew Valley, MLP, Cookie Run, FNaF, Gamedec, Who's Lila?, Darkwood, Silent Hill, The Drifting Classroom, Not Quite Narwhal (Netflix), Metal Family, FNaF, JJBA, Dan vs., My Pride, Sally Face, Zed Technician's games
    • I can play with you: Minecraft, SSO, Dauntless, Stardew Valley (PC), Genshin Impact, Pony Town, Garry's Mod, Second Life, Roblox (mainly Wild Horse Islands)
⁝ Roleplay ✍️
  • Draft characters
  • When it comes to roleplay, I only write with adults, 20+ preferred. I may write heavier topics, and I want to make sure my partner knows how to handle certain topics with respect. I write about both romantic and platonic relationships. I may include some DnD elements if you want me to. :) I don't RP with fujoshis/BL fans/MLM fetishists.
A tiny, cute, blue octopus with big eyes, swimming through ocean. The octopus species is Dumbo Octopus, and it has small, ear-like fins. The way the octopus swims looks a bit like they are bouncing happily through the water.
Boing, boing, boing... **Bounces through water**

Rave Reviews

If you haven’t at least talked to this guy, you’re really missing out. They are an awesome person to talk too and even though I have not roleplayed with them myself they are obviously an amazing writer. Also a lover of rats! How could it get any better than that? Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Foxfarer

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