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Please don't add me to your friend list if you're not going to talk or RP with me. Let's talk a bit before you add me. Thank you :)

Hello everybody! 🐙
I'm an adult, 21+ y/o roleplayer who loves LGBTQ+ themed romances, roleplayer since 2013. Ten years of experience made me a quite good writer. Sadly, I always wrote in my mother language, and I'm just getting started at writing in English. I mainly write modern romance with drama & action, mixed with a little bit of fantasy, sometimes horror. If you like bad endings, then sorry, I'm a good ending type of writer... 🤔

I wanted to verify my age, but the service doing that does not support my country. Contacted RPR staff & they sadly couldn't do anything about that.

Preferences ✔️
This is a summary. Every character of mine has a "RP info" tab. Go there for more details!
ALWAYS | romance, drama, LGBTQ+
YES | fantasy themes, slight horror, violence & gore
ASK | sexual scenes & themes
NEVER | torture, sex-themed violence, "fetish-purpose characters", MC unhealthy relationships, smut only
SETTING | Only with 20+ y/o people (no matter if there is smut or not), literate, 1x1, monogamous, SFW illustratory images/sounds, no powerplay/godmodding
Communication 💬
IC =/= OOC | If my character says or does something mean, don't take it personally, please. If you feel negatively touched by what I wrote, please tell me.
CONTENT WARNINGS | If you want to RP with me, I would require you to tell me what topics make you very uncomfortable, your triggers or just disability stuff, such as flashy images.
GHOSTING & VENTING | If you feel you need to vent, I'm up. I can handle most topics, and I don't gatekeep trauma & problems. If you don't want to continue our RP or you will be gone for a while, just tell me. :)
More about me 🦑
I'm a man who identifies as an androgynous or GNC male. I am also interested in crossdressing, so you may see my male roleplay characters wearing dresses, makeup and such.

Also, if our characters in RP eat something and I suddenly drop a weirdly detailed description of food that looks like pointless fluff to make my reply longer, you can kindly tell me that I got a bit carried away. It's not fluff, it's my odd ED coping mechanism. I try to control it, though. 😅

FAV GAMES Stardew Valley, TES V: Skyrim, FNAF: Security Breach, House Flipper 😬
INTERESTS Crossdressing, rodents, horses, hiking, libraries, cyber security, methods on helping animals & people in need, ball-jointed dolls, worldbuilding. I also make money online on creative stuff, but I don't want to mix my business with RP stuff. ;)
MULTIPLAYER GAMES I CAN PLAY WITH YOU: Stardew Valley (Steam), VRchat, Garry's Mod (Steam), Minecraft (pref. creative mode,)

A tiny, cute, blue octopus with big eyes swimming. The octopus species is Dumbo Octopus, and it has small, ear-like fins. The way the octopus swims looks a bit like they are bouncing happily through the ocean.
Boing, boing, boing... **Bounces through water**

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If you haven’t at least talked to this guy, you’re really missing out. They are an awesome person to talk too and even though I have not roleplayed with them myself they are obviously an amazing writer. Also a lover of rats! How could it get any better than that? Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Foxfarer

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