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Notice ~ 13 January 2019 ~ My apologies to anybody I promised to start RPs with. I have taken the hard decision not to start anymore new ones this year until further notice. I'll likely drop any that have stagnated into inactivity over the last couple months as well. The commitments I have is more than enough for my available time to write, and my head is not in a good place to pursue new adventures at this time. Thank you all for your understanding.

Mae govannen! I'm a full-on J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth freak, with much of my online RP experience having been set in Middle Earth.

I've also written shorts in Glen Cook's Black Company world, and was a part of a five year mash-up RP of the two worlds. I've also written a couple World War 2 RP stories.

My original reason for signing up to this site was to get my characters and stories organised and archived, as I tend to be quite a scattered mess with saving these good ones. I have done a lot of this and will be consolidating my Tolkien character pages into one character slot sometime in 2019.

At this time I'm only accepting PMs from 18+

Rave Reviews

  • He is an amazing person and human being. Me and him have been role playing I’d say for maybe a week. I’ve told him things I haven’t told anyone and he’s helped me ajust and he understood and helped boost me up in real life and in the roleplay. He adjusted to...
    -- emi
  • A great man to chat and roleplay with. He's got a beautiful heart and kind soul. Intelligent and inspiration. He is so worth befriending. He is a knight in shining armor IC and OCC he makes RPRepository a better community.
    -- SexySultryBabe

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