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Update ~ March 2019 After living in the same place for eight years, this month will have my wife and I moving cross-country. She landed a great job and I have transferred within my company. So the move is on. I will do my best to try and stay current with my RPs through this month, but may be quite erratic.


A bit about me... I'm a full-on J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth freak, with much of my online RP experience having been set in Middle Earth starting in 1999. Before that I did tabletop D&D using old 2nd edition rules, and also some World War 2 gaming/rp mix.

I've also written short stories in Glen Cook's Black Company world, and was a part of a five year mash-up RP of the two worlds. I've also written a couple World War 2 RP stories.

My original reason for signing up to this site was to get my characters and stories organised and archived, as I tend to be quite a scattered mess with saving these good ones. I have done a lot of this and will be consolidating my Tolkien character pages into one character slot sometime in 2019.

At this time I'm only accepting PMs from 18+

Always feel free to contact me, either here or old school by email:

This video by Shireen sums up my thoughts on all religions:

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  • This man is amazing. He told me he was going to give me something for my birthday. I told him he didn’t have to because I couldn’t afford it to give him something for his birthday when it came around but he insisted. He gifted me a dragons tooth and it gave me 5...
    -- emi
  • This guy is just amazing, and I am so glad to know him. He is incredibly sweet and considerate OOC, and just an amazing writer whose intelligent and well researched replies in roleplays really makes me want to do my best too. He was one of the first people who...
    -- MiaLouise

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