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Update - mid-July 2019
My RP activity will continue to be erratic going forward. I have whittled down my active RPs down to a dozen I'll keep up to date. As far as starting any new ones, that will be quite random if at all.

Note: I reside in Australia in the UTC +10 Timezone so my hours on RPR are quite out of sync with both North and South America, and Europe where all my writing partners reside.

A bit about me... I'm a full-on J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth freak, with much of my online RP experience having been set in Middle Earth starting in 1999. Before that I did tabletop D&D using old 2nd edition rules, and also some World War 2 gaming/rp mix.

I've also written short stories in Glen Cook's Black Company world, and was a part of a five year mash-up RP of the two worlds. I've also written a couple World War 2 RP stories.

My original reason for signing up to this site was to get my characters and stories organised and archived, as I tend to be quite a scattered mess with saving these good ones. I have done a lot of this and will be consolidating my Tolkien character pages into one character slot sometime in 2019.

At this time I'm only accepting PMs from 18+

Always feel free to contact me, either here or old school by email:

My RP Repository Wall of Appreciation
This is my Wall of Appreciation of the people I have come to know since coming here to RPR. It’s broken down into a few categories....

In the OOC/IC list (people I RP with AND talk with)...
Lady of Gondor ~ Scarlett, Annie
SexySultryAngelBabe ~Scarlett Sara Dylan, Aylssa Nicole Kennedy
emi ~ Jenna, Ridly
Senora-Loli ~ Maria
Amythest ~ Nia Burkhart
ElenaPeriwinkle ~ Freya DiSilvestro

In the OOC list (people I only talk with and have yet to RP with)...
Abigail Austin

In the IC only list (people/characters I only RP with and have minimal OOC contact with)...
Crimson Knight ~ Katherine Hall
ShanaPrimRose ~ Anastasia Josephine and Jessa Dixion
MiaLouise ~ Marius Courtemanche, Madeleine Sabine Belmont I'm seriously behind in replying to this RP
Romy Eloise LeBlanc Anonymous
Bree Anonymous

People who are no longer on the site (lined out): Skifra

Each and every one of these people have made my time on RPR a blessed experience.

Lastly, I give the biggest appreciation to Kim for her dedication and hard work that goes into providing us this beautiful role playing site for us all to play in!

~ Starlight Diva ~ In Memory of a Friend ~
I created Starlight Diva in honour of a friend of mine who passed away in February. We had been involved in collaborative RP writing since 2000 after meeting on a site called DarkStarr. Her username there was Starlightdiva, and over a few weeks there we got into a bit of an erotic orgy RP with a few others. It ended as quickly as it began, and we chatted in an OOC thread and we found out we were registered on The One Ring, a Tolkien-Middle Earth site created in the heady daze of the Lord of the Rings movie-making at the turn of the century. There she was known as Raven Tinuviel and I was my Ranger character Halasian. We started and wrote many a Middle Earth-based RP story there. I last RP'd with her there in 2007, and I lost touch with her completely in 2009 when she quit answering emails. It was only by chance that I got an email notification from a message board we both had frequented back 'in the old days' alerting me that she had posted anew. It turned out it was her granddaughter logging into her account telling people she knew that she had died.

It kind of hit me a bit hard, not like we were close in life or anything, but we were close in RP, and her character and several of mine had some intense RP in our stories. When her granddaughter asked me if I had memories and saved stories I would share, I spent some time going through my collected files. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to RP stories, and my computers and storage drives and my long-running email address are a bit like when Gandalf went into the depths of the library archives of Gondor in the Fellowship of the Ring movie. Anyway, I found some long forgotten gems, and it got me in touch with some other co-writers that were in some of our group RPs, and some of the original threads were found on some of the sites that hadn't ceased to exist over the years.

I'm getting long-winded here I see. So Starlight Diva is my way of honouring my dear friend. She is a work in progress, and I will be updating her page regularly as I have time to go over all the stories and the planned stories we had written over the years. I have based Starlight Diva's initial histories to one of the first things she ever shared with me on DarkStarr when she wanted my critique of her character bio. It was not set in any fandom and was quite detailed. She took parts of it and adapted it to her Middle Earth character, which I will be writing as one period of time in her list of outlines. I will not be roleplaying with this character though. She is strictly a shrine to my dearly departed friend and role playing partner and a place for me to write and hold to her memory. She would have loved this site!

Shireen sums up my thoughts on all religions in this video...


Rave Reviews

  • One of the first people I met here, he welcomed me to the site and, in a matter of minutes, we were already planning a RP, which had turned out great. His answers are amazing, as well as his writing, and both made him a great person to RP with :D
    -- elenaperiwinkle
  • My musical soulmate and beloved freind. After a bumpy start we have become the bestest of freinds. He is so cool😎and understanding. He's the ambassador of freindship knowledge wisdom truth to RPRepository. A much beloved blessing and treasure to this community. A...
    -- SexySultryAngelBabe

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