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Update 02/06 2020: I will be looking for RPs for my "Other Characters" (ie. all characters otherwise unnamed) - I am still working on my (named) characters profiles.

Just some Canadian guy with too much time on his hands.

Information on my Characters/their Profiles
Each of my characters profiles are broken down into four different components:
    1) Arcana Page, the introductory page to all of my profiles. This page is to help give potential RP partners a taste of what they can expect in terms of an IC post from said character, as well as my own style of writing them. I can write up another post (or a standard starter post), should a partner be on the fence and wish to see more.
    2) Quick Facts, pretty self explanatory. Here you will find some quick facts about said character, as well as a brief overview of their appearance.
    3) Biography, again fairly obvious. This will be an in-depth look at both the character's history, as well as elements of their personality.
    4) A Change of Scenery, given that I write these profiles under the pretense of a high fantasy world certain elements may have to be switched out depending on the setting of the RP. As such ACOS acts as a page to discuss and brainstorm different ideas should the characters be utilized outside of high fantasy.

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