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I'm just an average book reading, anime loving roleplayer who enjoys nothing more than the immersion into a fictional world. I enjoy being able to craft unique worlds and stories through roleplay, where creative minds can come together to form a tale with surprise and mystery, never knowing where it will head next.

I enjoy roleplaying in multiple genres, which are listed below:

× Fantasy
× Dark fantasy
× Sci-fi
× Horror
× Adventure
× Action

Fandoms [That I'd be interested in RPing within]
• Harry Potter
• Percy Jackson universe
• Divergent
• The Maze Runner
• The Hunger Games
• Creepypasta
• My Hero Academia
• The Promised Neverland
• JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
• Danganronpa
• Corpse Party
• Assassination Classroom
• Vocaloid (maybe, with the right plot)

I have three characters specifically created for Hunger Games, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Danganronpa and My Hero Academia roleplays. Please PM me if you're interested in roleplaying with any of them, I'd be very happy to start a fandom based roleplay.

And now, just a blurb of text describing my roleplay preferences:
I'm interested in both fandom based and original roleplays, focusing on horror, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and action genres. However, when particpating in fandom based RPs, I don't enjoy using characters from the fandom, I prefer the use of OCs. I also like to stick to the canon universe as much as possible, though tweaking thinge here and there is perfectly fine. As for my style and reply length, I tend to prefer freeform (I'm not very good with dice rolls and such) and length varies. I tend to adapt to a roleplay partner/group and base my reply length off of that, though I prefer the use of at least a decent sized paragraph. As for literacy, I don't expect anyone I'm roleplaying with to have novel level descriptive detail, but I also want to avoid too many spelling errors and abbreviated words. Just kind of a happy medium when it comes to that area. I'm perfectly fine with both one on one RP and groups, though I prefer roleplay in a group, or with multiple others. Basically, I'm very flexible when it comes to roleplay, and I'm willing to adapt accordingly. The most important thing to me is having fun!
If you read through all this, thank you very much. I very much hope it was not a complete waste of your time.

If you're interested in roleplaying, or just wanna chat about any of my listed fandoms, feel free to contact me!


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