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Have you ever herped so hard you've derped?

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Won't lie. This woman use to terrify me to the point I use to run whenever she'd post in my directions. After getting to know her, it was a wonderful feeling to feel like I'd been an idiot all those years I creeper watched (It's true!) Why I still worry about bothering her when she's busy, she's an ever source of good information,knowledge, and help if I just remember to ask. - TheCoffeeWolf
I wrote a Kudos not too long ago illustrating perfectly my adoration for this woman and her wonderful way with words. Roleplaying is fun, the player is even more so and people who find her engaging often return for more!! Organized, functional and the head of Furcadia's TGT, Dylan never ceases to amaze me, both as a roleplayer and out of character friend! <3 - Mars

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