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Dylan either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

This has taken me too long to write-- Dylan is one of those people that everyone should know. Honestly, she opened my eyes to a different set of people I really didn't know even existed on furcadia. She is thoughtful and caring and loves to torment her characters as much as I. With every roleplay I feel like smiling or crying or both, because they are just so great. I have learned so much about character development and what it means to have solid long term roleplay. <3 - Essie
Dylan is a fantastic manager, she works hard, makes time to roleplay with people and friends while juggling work and real life. I know I've given her my unconditional Kudos love before but I find a proper Kudos is in order. She's exciting with fun ideas and always manages to enjoy a roleplay no matter the content! - Mars

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