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Dylan's Characters

Dylan either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Dylan is spectacular in every way. She is so funny and personable and she keeps things real. I am so glad to have met her all those years ago and to still be in touch. Her characters always have so much depth to them. It's fun to peel back the layers and see something you never knew was there. Everytime we roleplay I am reminded of our times together and it makes me smile. Thank you for always being there!! <3 - Essie
Won't lie. This woman use to terrify me to the point I use to run whenever she'd post in my directions. After getting to know her, it was a wonderful feeling to feel like I'd been an idiot all those years I creeper watched (It's true!) Why I still worry about bothering her when she's busy, she's an ever source of good information,knowledge, and help if I just remember to ask. - TheCoffeeWolf

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