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A curt wave and a how do ya do

Hey there! If you found this page then that must mean you’re lost how did you get here…

Well since your here, listen while I ramble about myself. Don’t leave.

I have been roleplaying for the better half of my life, I love writing and RP is just a form of writing I love too much for the partnership formed with fellow writers and collaborators. I am a very passionate writer, usually delivering an avenger of 5+ paragraphs in my work. I do this for fun however and yeah there’s gonna be mistakes, mistakes that are tenfold if I’m writing on my phone because you know, autocorrect can be rather bothersome.

And as I said I do this for fun, I don’t take my role plays too serious. I prioritize fun had for all and am very flexible with things. I don’t mind taking my characters out of their canon to fit another story, I don’t mind skipping scenes if they just end up not being fun anymore, I don’t mind retconing things, I just like writing and interaction with fun worlds and characters and no petty things should get in the way of that.

I also really like music, I hope you don’t mind me adding music to scenes and what not because I may do that quite often.

I do not typically like to do rps from a already existing universe but I do make exceptions for a few, such as Halo, that’s it. Or at least all I can think of, I’ve only ever done a Halo RP before as a canon universe RP but I’m open to other things if they are my interest. I do however prefer that we use our own characters and not pre existing ones.

I have a very broad palette of interest, everything from fantasy to sci fi. The only things that tend to bore me are normal moderncrole plays, I can do role-plays set in the modern day but there has to be some sort of twist in there to get hooked. If it’s just me going to work and flirting at a coffee shop, I don’t be into it.

I crave adventures and that good ol world building. I enjoy coming up with a basic concept and exploring its creation as we go along as apposed to just talking about it all day and never getting into it. To me the best things always come from the simplest ideas that become complex as we develop things forward.

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