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Quick note on a serious note!

Everyone's been on edge here since the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine extension, and have been afraid to catch the this virus/disease. I want you to know that we can, and will get through this. Please stay strong. I love you guys ^^

Hey y'all





Hi! I'm ELS1526, your...average?...yeah average role player on RpRepository.(no head, not respiratory geez.) I am a year-round competitive swimmer and I'm a lover of singing, drawing and writing. Just not dancing. I suck at that. WITH THAT, I'm open to most genres of role play. Have a rp or wanna do a 1x1 or group? Pm me! I'm usually fast to reply, depending on what I'm doing during the day. Usually before and after 7:40Am-3:00Pm on weekdays, but not on the weekends–I'm usually AFK from 8:45AM-11:05AM on weekends. I look forward to meeting you if you do pm me!


A-am I done yet?

Yeah? Okay cool.

REMINDER: I operate on the Eastern Standard time ^^ so if I'm not on or I don't reply during the time you're on, it's possible I may be out or asleep.

  • adventure
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • action
  • any gender ships
  • sexual themes(light)
  • minor violence/gore
  • fetish rp
  • extreme gore/violence
  • death of someone's character
  • racial/discriminizing rp
  • anti-LGBTQ+

  • 3rd person point of view is a complete must for me. I can't stand first person for the reason that it just itches at my skin when I get confused, especially when there is more than two characters in a rp.
  • I am a semi-literate role player and am able to write more than one paragraph. Please try and be able to match up to my lengths in replies and expectations in literacy. I expect at least two sentences per post.
  • I can understand if your character is a negative or shitty person in rp, but that gives you no reason to act the same way to me OOC at any time, and especially gives you no reason to use it as an excuse to be passive-aggressive to me IC.
  • If you're about to lead the rp into something you feel may be of concern, ask for my consent. I will do the same.
  • Respect me and I will return it. Simple.
Failure to follow these rules will result in a sudden halt in rp, most likely a full-on ghosting. In rare cases, I will block you if it gets out of hand after more than one occurrence.

  • one liners in general
  • god-modders
  • people who try to control the story by declaring another characters actions other than their own, or "read a character's mind" {Keep in mind that this means someone's character adds something of their desire to a character that doesn't belong to them without permission. This can be considered over-controlling, and will ruin the rp for me, even if I may seem to continue at times. That's just due to guilt.}
  • racist people
  • illiteracy
  • people who take something too far, IC or OOC
  • grammar(it just bothers me, to be honest)
  • 1st person point of view
  • present tense
  • people who are selfish or arrogant
  • people who lie

If any of these are crossed, I will not hesitate to ghost you or end the rp out of the blue. Please respect my request and at least try to avoid these. I don't try to ask of much.

My top 5 list, probably more than five but here's five of my favorite rock bands:
  1. Saint Asonia
  2. Atreyu
  3. Blue Stahli
  4. My Darkest Days
  5. Dirty Honey

Check them out. They're AMAZING


The lead singer of Saint Asonia, Adam Gontier, is also the former lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Three Days Grace. The new lead singer and guitarist for Three Days Grace is now Matt Walst of My Darkest Days. Crazy!

Fun fact about me..?

I took a personality quiz and saw that I was an INFP-T! If you also want to take this short quiz, follow this link. It's fun and especially accurate!

That's about it for now. Stay and hang, or go and chat, but most importantly, have fun and stay safe ^^

Rave Reviews

ELS1526 has a wonderful way to keep you captivated in a story. The interaction they introduce to the table are unique to their characters, making them stand out! I would definitely recommend this person for those who enjoy reading posts that might leave you eager for more, as well as a great company to talk to OOC! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Animatonica
Emmet Osbourne (played by ELS1526)
While I haven't played with this character, I saw them in the forum games and went to take a look. They are well put together and intriguing and their character information is just wonderful. I really love the Ozzy tie in and the ability 'hands of time' which is pretty darn cool! Thanks for making such a neat character :) - Kruhee

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