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Hello there :D

Preferred pronouns: He/Him or They / Them

I am just a confused little weebo when it comes to how do you wanna be called. I am born a female bit identify myself also as a male so it's a bit weird 😅 hope you don't get too confused because I do!

First I am from Germany so my timezone is GMT!!!

I am working in shifts which means sometimes I have time to reply immediately and sometimes not. Many tell me I am a great listener and that's probably true. If there's anything bothering you in real life just talk to me and even if I can't help you physically I will try to motivate you.

I have sometimes my own struggles with my life and then the shifts I am working. It's not easy but you live only once so I try to make the best out of it.

I've been rping for more than a half year, since August 2020. Back then I couldn't describe anything in English and my best friend who taught me how to rp had a lot of struggles but he kept calm all the time and now I am here. I am glad that I have come to this site and I met many wonderful people, some I would say are my friends with who I like to stay in touch in herbal, talking about real life stuff. It's wonderful meeting the persons behind the characters.

The only thing I BEG everyone to do is if you start feeling bored or don't have any idea for current rps then tell me and we will figure something out. I take every rp seriously and I love everyone's characters and even the person behind them!

I also have discord if someone prefers to write me there :) Just ask me and I will add you kindly ;)

That's it for now about me :) maybe I update it one day more.

Rave Reviews

Ra'isi (played by EagleBearer)
I cannot believe how amazing this character is, she already made me cry once and it hasn't even been a week! XD
And not to talk about the wonderful woman behind her, she can really make you feel at ease in and out of roleplay! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - GiuliMa
Ra'isi (played by EagleBearer)
An amazing character, with depth and inner conflict but warm and spontaneous, too. I always enjoy the feline mannerisms! Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

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